Tuesday, March 30, 2010


At fucking 3:22 am 10 random things to blog about,
1) Realising I can't find my O's cert that I need for application tomorrow,
2) Just changed my course to Diploma in Dance (Comprehensive),
3) Went to the bathroom,got spotcheck from MUMMY THE GREAT (not ..l..)
4) She just threatened to confiscate Mr Notebook away from me,
5) She's a pain in thy arse and also,I think she suffers from insomnia (so late still not asleep?!)
6) I can't get to sleep,
7) I am suffering from terrible insomnia,
8) I think I just heard a crack from my broken knee,
9) I think I'm suffering from headache due to massive thinking
10) Unknowingly its alr 3:22 am while stonning in front of thy almighty notebook&creating
fucking impossible senarios in my head. How great.

&Yes,I have to wake up early to go to Nafa to do payment for application + submit application.
Go secretive shopping with 3 ladies I suppose,we're getting surprises for someone.
Tomorrow is a jam packed day,how nize. But,anyhow I'm still not very happy.
To be honest,I was never really happy. So,goodnight all. (S)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Second time around,

There's so much of you I will keep,thoughts of you and me.

Firstly,I'd like to wish Beatrice Ng a Happy 18th Birthday! (: 29th March 2010.
Happy Birthday,my dear friend its been a good whole 11 years of this friendship.
That I will definately go on and on,for the longest time. Love you Beatrice. (L)

Good afternoon all! Its Monday,I know Monday blues ):
Just suddenly I realise alot of people have been leaving for some place else.
and the word is "Leaving". Sigh.
Cai Lao shi's leaving for Sydney in June,HP left BD. I am depressed,like serious.
Today,gonna have buffet with Zhou,Joey,ZZ,Sam&New love. (:
Sam&Newlove's treat for my birthday,heehee. I love (L)
Oh well,if only we human beings thought about things less maybe we would be alot happier.
Somehow,I think its a disease for us humans to think so much.
Alright,I need to go prepare now I think ZTB would kill me knowing I'm still blogging! opps.
Will be back with photos of tonight! (:

&Also I'd like to share HP's amazing Magic video done for my birthday,
She's the best,most awesomest piercer I've known. Thank you HP,you rock. \m/ (:

Would time,heal my yearn?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fucking "Fine",not.

It is Hurt,Bruised and completely shattered.
&this is definately,not fine.

Wth,is going on with me. I thought,I so thought.
Fuck it with life,&fuck it with everything else.
I am going completely insane. Soon.
Goodnight. Urgh,IFMY. Damnit. God Damnit.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

What is there left to say?

I don't know if everything's okay. Life just isn't good for me now anyway.
Its 1:52am in the morning,and I'm suppose to wake up at 9 tomorrow.
&I'm still wide awake,wondering about so many things,thinking about so many things.
Dear God,why is it so difficult to be happy lately? ): Why the heartache,
why the never ending pain? &I bleed for the second time tonight. (U)
Happy,I thought you would be,but why isn't it what I see? =/
If only,if only.

Dive into the ocean of your dreams
Sometimes things ain't what they seem,if you feel lost and might be afraid
And lonely in the rain,paint the picture of tomorrow in you.
There is so much from you I will keep
Thoughts of you and me,feel the wonder of tomorrow in you.
What if maybe,this is not the end?
If only there will be a day,that will come for us to meet,again.
Just then I realised,I've never really left have I? or is it,that its just a part of me.

Friday, March 26, 2010

In the end,I'm still glad I did.

What could I do,what should I do?
It hurts me,to see you're not doing good.
Heart Shattering,so heartaching.
Then again,why?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I don't know what to think,

Alright,heavy image post for today I guess!
All the overdues,many many plenty of overdues. lol

From Sam's camera

Chomps for dinner&Idiot came over for a visit.

Day with R.Baby&ZTB (L)

Sudden images of memories rushed through my mind,
While looking at the photos stucked on my wall,with music on. Memories,oh memories.
How amazing it is,when music can relate you to so much memories,&how each song,
is able to bring you back to a certain past you had with someone,or something.
Its just so amazing isn't it? Beautiful times those were indeed.
&just suddenly I miss alot of things that happened,you played such a big role in my life.
So many memories consist of you,ahh well. They bring smiles anyway (:
But just sometimes,I don't know what to think anymore. Utterly Confused.

I've waited all my life,to cross this line
To the only thing thats true.
So I will not hide,its time to try anything to be with you.
All my life I've waited is this true.

All those nights,

Of long talks about nothing,during the midnights. &Yes,I miss.

I had a wonderful day with RoxyBaby&ZTB today,thank you for your gifts dearies. (L)
Fish&Co for lunch,oh god,almost puked finishing the entire platter.
Caught "Remember Me" With ZTB,Show was totally "Huh? What the hell is going on?"
Ending pretty much sad,but Robert Pat was retardedly adorable in the show.
But I still do not recommend anyone to catch it,its storyline = What the hell?
Unless you are a Rob Pat fan,haha Newlove says he's a druggy. Wtf. -.-
Met up with Sam&newlove later on for awhile. Doctors tomorrow at 11,finally.
Hopefully I won't get bad news about them! ): I'm scared,really scared now.
Anyway,I shall head to bed now. Goodnight all,have sweet dreams. (L)

&I was hoping you'll sing along,even though its not your favourite song.