Friday, October 31, 2014

The Platypus Lobster Shack,

Finally the weekends! How's everyone's Friday going so far? Its halloween night tonight and I'm so stoked going out to meet the Gabby and the girls. Dressing up for the event for the first time as I've slept one away and the other was a shabby try of being a vampire. But today I'm going to update my space with Roxanne's actual day birthday celebration at "The Platypus lobster shack" located at bugis junction! While getting prepared I've some spare time (:

So Monday was Roxy's official day&I had a surprise planned for her with Kitson, cause the other night we totally missed out getting her a cake as we shared someone else's. Careful planning with Kitson in order not for her to know that I was going to be there for the dinner, she's just really that good at exposing surprises..... sigh.

Th lobster shack is known for their handmade pastas! But I've tried the lobster burger thing as well and it tasted just as good?

 The atmosphere was kinda good I guess, pretty quiet and crowd-less, but maybe cause it was a Monday afterall.
The menus actually have really interesting pictures on them! Makes ordering food kinda interesting?
Pretty neat seahorse drawing?
 Please excuse the shameless #selfie , cause I was thrown alone while Kitson went to pick the main character of the night and her parents. So I took the chance haha.
This pumpkin soup is amazing. The taste is some kind of nice,which I can't really explain.
 This pasta's with truffle oil bacon bits and shrooms + really strong taste of cheese. People who love cheese this is definitely for you. Roxanne almost puked at the smell of my dish haha
 The legendary lobster burger! Tasted super good though,the lobster pieces were chunky and meaty!
 NOW THIS. Is basically vanilla ice cream and apple pie. But there's this little ingredient on the ice cream which pops in your mouth?!?!?! Like the pop sweets they sell in mama stores. LOL 

Miss Wee and Family.
 Happiest Birthday BBG! 
 Looking super disgusting, cause it was a Monday, hence the monday blues face. 

That's pretty much all for now! Gonna finish up my makeup and head out, will update about halloween soon! Hope you guys have a great halloween weekend! Stay Beautiful y'all. X

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Roxanne's Birthday Celebration,

"Lets be grateful to the people who make us happy,
they are the charming gardeners that make our souls blossom."

So we celebrated Roxy's advance birthday celebration last night with some of her good friends and parents! Had dinner at Rocku located at Bugis+ , its like Korean BBQ? With the presence of a live band! It was pretty fun and the atmosphere was good. I've never really had korean bbq except once, like last year? Never really enjoyed it but last night we had seafood in our menu! Guess that's probably why I kind of enjoyed it more.  

Pretty Birthday girl of the night!
Awww (:
Meat Spread. :D
Also while the live band is off, they have this projected video on the walls of the restaurant. Pretty cool!
Seafood OM NOM NOM!!!
 Chef Kitson!

So after the dinner, we headed to KSuites! Guess it would be the most appropriate place to be at since Roxanne can sing so well!? Its also slightly different from the normal Kbox places,the area is much bigger and more comfortable seats for everyone! Roxy's parents also came along to join us. Her mom is really damn zai (which means good) ?? Gabby came to join us too, cause he had something cropped up at home, so he came later.  (:
I like how everyone else was busy, but these two were so prepared for the picture. LOL
Mommy Wee and Daughter Wee!
Papa,Mommy&Daughter Wee.
Pro doing what a Pro does. 

So yupp, that's basically my Friday night! Had so much fun, today gabby & I are going shopping for Halloween again! Hope it'll be fun! Stay Beautiful y'all & have a great weekend! X

Monday, October 20, 2014

Denim weekends,

 Decked in: 
Ripped Jeans by : StyleDasher
Watch by : Fossil
KnitWear by : Some random online store(can't remember which!)
Sneakers by : Converse

Hello all! Its Monday and I'm home sick from work. Had a pretty hectic week last week, too much work to do. Finally getting some rest this week being unwell,so I have the time to update for the weekends! Spent the weekends looking for halloween costumes! Finally decided to get into the mood by dressing up for the occasion and heading out to get props and what not. The excitement is actually kicking in? I am so stoked. But shall not reveal what I'll be this year yet, until I get my stuff all ready. Will blog about halloween shopping probably soon! Heading out again this week to get the final touches. So I practically spent the weekends with Gabby, deciding on halloween costumes. Actually can't wait for Wednesday to come because its a public holiday. Kinda getting drained from school and work at the same time. Sucks. 

&I've taken some visuals over the weekends, nothing much but I'll be back with more!

Guess we all can tell that not all the time girls will be late cause we have to put make up isn't it? LOL
Gabby's obsession with the alien from Toys Story, he said he needed three of these to complete them........ Lol whut. 
DISCLAIMER: I DON'T SMOKE. Was just getting a cigarette out for Gab. 
Asked for an #ootd pose and I got this. 
Joey came to meet us for dinner later on!
&Gabby documenting his haircut he got for school.

Alright, that's all I have for now! Hang in there everyone, OUR PUBLIC HOLIDAY IS JUST ONE DAY AWAY! Have a great week beautiful people. X