Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wedding Bells,

It has been utterly long since I last cleared the dust on this space,but here I am again,finally having the time,to clear off the spider webs and dust. So I have been on a really busy schedule last month or so,running errands,heading to work,rehearsals and so on.. Its been a tough on month,but it was all for the end! Where I finally witness my cousin,tie the knot,knowing her since childhood,this is a day I can't help but say I'm so proud of her. So here's some of the photos I managed to capture during the wedding.

Congratulations my dear,finally the day has arrived. I am not fondly good with words. But I'd like to wish you true happiness and all the best you can have with this blissful marriage and I'm very sure our new cousin-in-law will do a very good job in that. Not forgetting , from all your cousins, we love you. 

&Here's a video we did,dedicated to you,which was suppose to appear on the night of your wedding,but apparently..haha we couldn't slot ourselves in. Anyhow,surprise!