Monday, March 12, 2012

Fuck yeah,weekends.

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Srsly. He\'d rather be watching a video of steven lim play basketball. by rachaelsaywhut

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Le sigh. The Sunday\'s are here. πŸ˜” by rachaelsaywhut

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It's finally Sunday again,&Gabriel's back in camp. Sigh the weekends are way too short. Anyhow,I really enjoyed this weekend again. Maybe because Gabriel spent the whole weekend at my place,cause his place is renovating so that he can finally have his own room,can't wait! And he's 2 weeks away from passing out of recruit camp! Finally,the long awaited days are almost here. Tomorrow's Monday again but exceptionally this week I'll be teaching in the morning and going for my lessons in the afternoon! Not forgetting that I'm still half way cleaning up my presentation which was suppose to be presented last Monday. 

So there's the pictures I captured over the weekends. Not much 'cause I basically didn't do anything spectacular. Also,I apologize for the excessive pictures of my bag. I'm very obsessed with it at the moment.  But well,on Saturday we went over to my favourite girl's place for steamboat to celebrate her A level results and to congratulate her for going to the Singapore University! The dream many of us,including myself didn't get to realize. Or perhaps,just me. Alright now,I have to head to bed and catch some shuteye,teaching in the morning tomorrow! Give me good little kids! Goodnight Sweethearts,have a great week ahead! X

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Because one colour isn\'t enough. Black is forever classic. by rachaelsaywhut
Le second early birthday present! 

Gabriel's back from camp and his house is under renovation! He's finally going to get his own room,which means I GET TO DESIGN IT. Hohoho. That aside he's going to be camping at my place for the next two nights. Right now he's out for Urban night skating. And I'm hungry to my death here at home while waiting for him. Sigh hope he comes home soon! Can't wait to have the seaweed shaker fries! Which are backkkkkkkk. How not to get addicted to it. Consecutive two nights of this is gonna keep me happy. Also,by the way did I mention today is a super happy day??? 

Reason 1 : Gabriel gets to book out today! :D
Reason 2 : My parcel arrived this morning! Right after it was shipped out yesterday. 

I have to say The Quite Riot delivers on time and the quality of their bags are really really good. Totally worth the price you pay for! Previously got a bag from them and its just too pretty that you'll have to get both colours! (: So happy with my item. 

Alright I'll go clean up the dust in my room,its collected far too much. Goodnight sweethearts! Have a good weekend! X

Friday, March 9, 2012

Is it possible never to grow up? Growing up is so stressful sometimes. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 1,term 2 for me.

Omg. My mother damn sweet? She say buy for me cause match my phone. 😊❤ by rachaelsaywhut
Pretty pretty portable Iphone charger my mummy dearest got me cause it matched my phone. ^^

Party rocking a few Wednesday's back with the girls cause it was tutorial week and I didn't have class in the early morning. So today's Day 1 of term 2 for me,apparently cause I just came back to school after my medical leave since tutorial week. Sad to say I'll have to bid this Sem goodbye cause I've already failed due to attendance and because of my medical situation which caused me to miss almost half a term. But well,whats over is over. Will have to look forward and move forward for if I don't,its equivalent to me doing nothing this Semester. Start anew and start a fresh like what Gabriel said. Okay,I'll have to sleep earlier tonight cause I'll have go back for technique still. Goodnight everyone,my week seems okay (: