Thursday, June 30, 2011

"When life gives you lemons,just fuck it and bail."

I had a wonderful night,I hope y'all had the same. 

Once in a life time,you're just gonna experience that certain same feeling every time.
This feeling,I can never explain how it really is. But at that moment,it just breaks my heart a little and my heart stopped. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I like that,

Home from the day out with @Jodionne,grawsome day with her and Jess. Of course we had our laughs again,which happens all the time when I'm out with her. This rude girl,she should be banned from FEP for being so insulting to all the shops. LOL K KIDDIN',anyway it was her enjoyable shopping day today I guess, she bought so many things,I bet she's one happy girl now. I'm like kinda starving,I should go get some food to eat. Dinner wasn't as filling,but t'was a good one! Okay,I shall just leave you guys with photos.

Anyway,I received my shoes today! Bought them from they're so sweet! They even left a lil' note on the shoe box,how adorable! They're having sprees I think on Friday? Damn cheap stuff!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You see the problem?

A problem,will only be a problem,if you see it as a problem. Maybe,that has been my problem,that's why I've been having so many problems.

Need to get rid of that problem. 
Alright,imma head out soon to meet @Jodionne. See you later alligators. X

Monday, June 27, 2011

The great escape,


I'm suppose to be uploading the video for my trip to Batam,but I'm guessing windows movie maker and vimeo has decided to be a bitch to me cause first of,windows movie was lagging as fuck,now I've to wait 1 over hour just to upload the video at vimeo. But I'm pretty sure if I uploaded it with blogger it might take longer? Anyway the happy thing about today is,I've finally found and ordered the shoes I've been looking for! Okay,maybe imma tad bit slow about that pair,but at least I found it! I need to start saving money,seriously. NO MORE SPENDING GEEZ? Anyway spent the weekends with my dearest boy,longest weekend I've ever had with him.  Besides I think I've spent the most lovely week this week ever since I came back,met up with @Jodionne,finally,that cave girl. Didn't get many pictures cause I obviously was stupid enough to leave my memory card at home? Met Beepsy up to get my nails covered with a little black shatter for just $3 at FEP! Cheap much.

Tadahhhhhhh~ Alright,then I spent the other night with Boyf and company at Downtime to play some LAN and then I stayed over to spend an unusual night in Jerrel and Zach's room. HAHA quite special,prawned on Friday night with @Jodionne,Jess,Kiefer and Sheriberry. Stayed at Boyf's place again to wait till he goes to work at 6,Sunday was spent entirely with the boy. I loved my weekends. OH&YES! My television is finally here and now I can't wait for the airconditioner to be installed,then my room would be 101% perfect for living and lazing and having a mini party for any occasion. Just wait till I get my room alil more neatened up...

5:13 am , and my video just got uploaded. Right now,I've to wait another half hour to get it converted. Seriously,Vimeo. Need an alternative uploading website,which is more efficient than this.

5:44 am and finally,the video is up. Alright guys,imma crash now. Eyelids are like closing.

Giving up's not in my dictionary,

"I'm not an expert at relationships,I don't know how to handle every fight we're going to have and I will never be a perfect person. We're both still young, and we still have a lot more to learn. But I'm willing to take chances,to risk it all, and learn everything there is to know just so that I can keep us together. I won't give up on you."

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Don't say goodbye,

So its finally the day I say goodbye to sg and all my bbg's and of course my Baby boy,for a good 3 days. Good news for you Jojo,I'll be back on Tuesday so I can accompany you out on Wednesday for your shopping! (: I'll be leaving for Harbour Front in the next 3 hours,to take the Ferry to Batam. I'm still half unpacked,actually I don't really know what to bring there to be honest. So I'm not sleeping for the night since I won't be able to sleep till its 5 or 6? And by then I'll probably have to be up and leaving the house already. Gotta find something to do while passing the next 2 hours plus.

To side track : 
3:45 am : Just received a call from love,cannot wait to be back after my trip and have Campbell soup with him! I think he's gonna fall asleep on the phone really really soon. Silly boy,4:04 and he's asleep having not slept the whole Friday night and the whole of Saturday. I'll miss you hunnibunnie , sleep tight. X

Alright so now I just downloaded,"Johnny English - By Mr Bean" HAHA I think imma have the laugh of my fucking night. I'm not getting quite the slight feel of tiredness. So I'll be off and away to watch my show and till I come back babies,please take good care of yourselves,stay healthy! Wait for me to come back alright,I'm gonna miss you all,so much. Its only 3 days and I'm so exaggerating! ): I cannot part with my girls and boy so bad. &Y'all going tanning without me later?! I'm really reluctant now,but I can't miss my trip with my darling girls.sigh. 

I love you all my Hunny Bunnies. XX
Hugs and Kisses dearies!
Btw,my new google chrome theme! 

Dang,I need to continue packing,I totally forgot about it. whuthefug.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Finally decided to open the blinds and take a good look at the brighter side.

Just finished watching "Legally Blonde 2" on funshion,just to pass time and its raining heavily right now,again. which I honestly dislike,I hate rainy days very badly. Its been raining at this hour for the past few nights. Mum just gave me a shock opening my door loudly at this hour,I literally jumped. Fuck. Right now,in less than 24 hours,I'd be at Harbour front,on my way to Batam. Suddenly,I don't feel very happy about going,perhaps cause I have to take a ferry there,I'm not very friendly with things on water. Its my recent phobia,I don't know perhaps cause I think too much,or maybe I've watched too much "Titanic'. I don't feel very good tonight and the rain obviously isn't making things any better. 6:03 am right now,too damn tired to think,but thoughts just keep running through. My hearts' so confused. 

I miss you,more than I occasionally used to. Maybe because now I know,at a snap of any moment,I might just lose you forever. I don't even want to think about it,the thought of it is enough to scare me for the night. My nights have been a little cold cause you're not here with me,but that's not your fault. I hope you're safe wherever you are,I'm sorry I've been so hard to deal with,so hard to handle. Somehow I just wished you could be here with me tonight,I miss you love. So very,much. X

Cause I've waited all my life to cross this line,to the only thing that's true. 
&Through it all that I start to find,I only want to be with you.
All my life I've waited,is this true? 
1 more day ):

Friday, June 17, 2011

Be your own heroine,

I realised I've been blogging only at night! Such is life,waiting for the sun to rise. Its 5:47 am and I'm still not sleeping! Boyf and I both have screwed body clocks.

Was just thinking,one of life's expectations is for us to grow up,when we need to,not when we want to. Geez I honestly think I'm still not mature enough for anything. What is being independent? I was asked this question about 2 weeks back,I answered "When I'm financially able to support myself without my parents help." But the truth is,that's not being independent. Being independent means,I can do whatever I want,not having my parents to worry about me. Fact is,I've not grown up. I still live in my world of denial. Yes,I self deny most of the time. Thinking its gonna get me through the day,but sometimes denial doesn't work. Yeah,people say reality is for people without imagination. Thing is,reality is reality,nothing can change that fact. Reality is what we're living in and we change nothing about it. Imagination just brings us back to know that,this will never happen. Its difficult to be happy cause we can't let go of the things that make us sad,true,but how often is that when we're actually able to let the sadness go behind? Time to change a new mindset,old one's getting in the way of my happiness.

How about some videos,

Some random day at Joey's mum's. Guess we're trying to be funny.

The other day at beeps,gave her and little Nehneh a visit,
and we found out how lazy he can really be. He lied down to eat his treats. 
I thought only we do this! but apparently so do animals,they have their lazy times too.

So today I met my boy up together with Joey and we went to get our ATM cards changed,also collect my passport! Went back,slept until like 12 am? My body clock is SCREWED. Right now,gonna have my bowl of campbell soup. Nothing beats sitting in a nice cooling weather and drinking soup,counting down 2 days to my Batam trip,confused feelings. Excited and not,again. Excited cause its been a LONG LONG time since I went overseas with my girls and this time we're taking the cruise! I have never,never ever been on a cruise. But sadly,I'm gonna miss my hunnie bunnies back at SG. ALL OF EM', but I guess when I'm back I get to meet up with my baby girl, Jodionne. WHO HAS DISAPPEARED for the longest time ever,due to school examinations. Okay I don't know what are the plans tomorrow,hopefully we'll get to watch Mr.Poppers Penguins. Haha,such a cute movie. But sometimes,feeling to not know whats ahead gives you the excitement to start a new tomorrow fast. I just learned this,learning to get back to where I came from. This new self is horrid. I'd very much like to change back. Okay well,its TGIF tomorrow. Happy Friday guys,have a great weekend ahead. X

Thursday, June 16, 2011

In memories,

The simplest of things,can be easily sweet. 

Its 4:48 in the morning right now. Wide awake with everything running through my mind. Its about to rain heavily and probably all the thunders and lightnings. I dislike rainy days cause they make me think too much,it brings a gloomy mood to myself. Today was pretty much okay,I spent the night with Joey at her mum's,finally got my shoes from her and we spent the night probably laughing at stupid things again. Counting down days to the start of school and I'm some how freaking out. Weird thoughts at this hour. Remembering how I used to hate going to school and the thought of the weekends ending kills me,but since I've stopped I missed the times I do ridiculous things just to get away from lessons,or shorten my school hours. Now that I'm starting school again I'm having confused feelings,excited yet,afraid. Hope everyone's doing well under this rainy weather.

Goodnight guys,X.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cause everyday I love you a little bit more,

First Day That I Saw You, Thought You Were Beautiful. 
But I Couldn't Talk To You I Watched You Walk Away. 
And It Felt Like I Spent, All Of That Second Day. 
Trying To Figure Out What It Was That I Should have said. 
Third Day Saw You Again, Introduced By A Friend. 
Said All The Words I Wanted To. 
On Day Four And Five And Six, I Don't Know What You Did. 
But All I Could Think About Was You. 

Thought I Couldn't Want You, More Than I Did Before. 
But Everyday I Love You A Little Bit More. 
Find Myself Asking, What Are You Waiting For. 
Coz Everyday I Love You A Little Bit more. 

Days They Turn Into Weeks, That's How Good This Has Been. 
Still I Can't Believe The Way This First Year Has Flown. 
Still You Catch Me By Surprise, When I Look In Your Eyes. 
When You Turn And Say That You Love Me. 

Thought I Couldn't Want You, More Than I Did Before. 
But Everyday I Love You A Little Bit More. 
Find Myself Asking, What Are You Waiting For.
Coz Everyday I Love You A Little Bit more. 

I Love You More  

Day One I First Laid My Eyes On You. 
Day Two I Can't Help But Think Of You. 
Is everyone just selfish in a way or two,or was it just my wishful thinking that actually to certain people,that selfishness doesn't actually exist?

Momentarily disorientated,

Very good morning you guys! Its Wednesday today , so I spent half my Tuesday night at beepsy's watching her do random admin work,at home? And had dinner there,met Ting,went back up for Beepsy to finish up her work. Then she got bored,then she decided to do something stupid,to make me hate her. Here it is,for when beepsy is bored your face is at risk. Okay actually I gave her the stupid idea indirectly knowing I did. She had fun I guess. I know deep inside her,she loved it. HAHA okay sounds really sick but well. Alright,so I'm pretty sure my dear friends out there would wanna see my drawn face. I know beeps is gonna go round tagging them in the photos she has of me anyway. So might as well,

I'd like to live my life as I want it to be,when I was younger 
I didn't have to care about the world.All I had to do was wait 
for my cartoons to start,fall asleep waking up to a brand new day,
playing with new toys,making new friends,having more fun. 
&My easiest decision was which colour crayon to pick. 
But now,when I've grown up? I've realised there are more than just,
having fun or picking crayons,but there's life. 
That phrase in which everyone of us has to go through.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Who's to know?

Everyday passes a lil' faster. I don't know if its just me,or time isn't slowing down for me like how it used to anymore. In less than a month,I'll be schooling again. Okay probably a month and a half. Guess my holiday's been too long for me and now I can't even keep track of my time. Sometimes I forget which day of the week it is. Every thing has been moving faster , living in a fast paced world. We tend to take everyday for granted,that we'd wake up everyday that we still have tomorrows not knowing that we might just not wake up the very next day. Dad used to tell me I should be thankful for waking up to another day and I should be thankful I ACTUALLY have another day. Because some people,they just don't.

On a side note,I'll be leaving for Batam with my dear girls and folks for the weekend till next Tuesday or Wednesday I guess? I have yet to pack anything at all. I've to start with my room first I guess? Its such a mess.

For it was not my ear you whispered to,but my heart.
&it was not my lips you kissed,but my soul.


This is Mr. P , decided it should have a name.
I now question,my maturity for anything,at all.

Time and time again I never fail to disappoint you.
I don't know whats wrong with me.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Headbands here we go again!