Monday, October 29, 2012

The Bestfriend Tag!

I'm fine baby, how about you?

Its been 3 weeks since Gabriel has gone to Wallaby,which means in less than 30 days he'll finally be home! Good to know I've been occupying myself at home and spending time with the folks at home,I think they'd really like that now and its kinda becoming a habit? I even slept Halloween night with the girls away...... but I feel okay with it,I'm even planning for next year's halloween outfit!? Haha. So it's about time I've updated this space about the stuff's I've been onto the pass 2 weeks or so,after being all emotional about Gabriel being gone. And I'm kinda hungry right now? Alright spend the past Wednesday's with Joey running of course,our usual schedule of the week. AND! Melissa and I , finally made the effort to do videos more often for our channel! Even though I think nobody really watches them LOL. New videos will be up! Soon..I hope... So since I've been staying home more,mummy has became my fairy god mother,she grants me all my wishes! From a new top,to a HDMI cable for my macbook! To a new portable music player for my Iphone! Really really,feel so damn blessed.

So here's a sneak preview of our next video! Which we did 2 Saturday's ago at Melissa's!

These are the new hauls I had when I visited Typo last 2 weeks! 

ANDDDDDD last but not least,dinner date with the Bestfriend at Astons,its been a really long time since we've spent some time alone together. And,a few pictures of Daisy when she sleeps. She's such a qt pie!!!!
 Have a good week guys! My week is packed as hell.........

So 25 more days? I miss you love. Come home soon. X

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

33 Days,

I miss you.

Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm sorry,

Time and time again,I screw things up.

when on earth,just when on earth that I deserve to have some one to love me with all his heart,more than his pride? I don't know why and how I got to have you in my life after screwing up time and time again. I just never learn my lesson do I?

I know I've been more of a heartache lately,then smiles,rainbows and butterflies. I know I'm alot more hard to deal with than anyone is this world. I'm sorry. But here's this I promise you,that whatever I've said lately is what I've really meant to say all these while. I've never had someone who would stand by me,no matter what it takes and here you are right in front of my eyes,but yet I keep failing you and disappointing you.

I'm sorry, I've always done the things you didn't want me to.
I'm sorry, I've always not listened to you and to the things you had to say.
I'm sorry, I've always disappointed you and hurt you with all those words I've said.
I'm sorry, I've never really did my job as a girlfriend.
I'm sorry,that there are too many things I've done wrong to you.

I know no matter what I've to say now,things can never change,things will still be the same. We can't turn back what has been done and we cannot erase what has been said.

But I have to let you know. I love you more than you'll ever know,a part of dies when I let you go. I'm so thankful I have us,to keep me going on and help me through the day. It keeps me happier each day as I know,you're one day nearer to coming home. I had to take all these to let me realize how much I really want this,want us,and what more you. I want you more than anything else in this world,more than the sun the sand and water.

I'll wait for you,even if it means till the end of time.
I want us even if we're poor,even if we go homeless. At least I know when I'm with you,we're home.

I love you , so , so much. There's nothing more I can say but sorry. Every night I go to sleep so thankful I have you to love. Nothing could be more than this. I'm sorry.

I'll wait for you to believe in what I say,
I'll wait for you to forgive me in what I've said.
I'll wait for you , to come home.

May be surrounded byA million people I,still feel all aloneI just want you home
Oh,I miss you,you know? 
And I've been keeping all the lettersThat I wrote to youEach one a line or two,"I'm fine baby, how about you?"
Well I would send them but I know,That it's just not enoughMy words were cold and flat,And you deserve more than that

Sunday, October 21, 2012


The perfect weather for Home by Michael Bublé , but you would have just made the night complete by being here with me. 

Lying in bed,listening to it,having our heart talks,appreciate each other with the moment. This song just makes me miss you so bad. I don't know how you're doing there,but I sure as hell wish everything would go smoothly for you until its time for you to come home. I don't know how I'll be coping with all these,until its over. 

I miss you.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

You know,it isn't because you are pretty that you take for granted that you deserve to be happier and treated better than those who aren't. Figure the meaning of being an attitudinizer before you label it on others. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

The least expected,

Its only been 5 days,and I'm already desperate for you to come home.

You know sometimes,you see things differently when you're away from one another for too long,with no contact at all. You'd think its nothing,but when it happens and it hits you,things just change. I never expected me to feel so much like this,but you realise sometimes,you don't really appreciate the moment you have with one another until its all gone,you don't expect yourself to be crying to sleep every night knowing you took the moment so much for granted,that it was to be. Truth is,it isn't.

I use to complain on how much we quarrel and how much we can't see eye to eye on most of the things,but you know,it isn't till right now that I really miss it. Miss having you to be around,to get annoyed with me , throw your little tantrums and just get mad at me,at the least,I have you here with me,regardless the quarrels. But now? Even though we're not quarreling,but you're just miles and miles away from me. You might think I'm a little too emotional and all that , "He's just gone for 43 days,not like he's gone for a few years..." But its not till then when you realise how much you actually need a someone you have in your life. I've always been very thankful for all the times we've spent together,but it never seems like its enough.

Right now , I want to type this down,so that I remember how much I love you every time I feel like falling apart and how thankful I should be for having you in my life. We may quarrel more than often,but its just so hard in this world to find someone who actually loves you more than his own life. There will be differences,but what are the chances?

I love you my hunny Bunny,come home soon. X

Thursday, October 18, 2012

White Rabbit,

It's Wednesday night / Thursday morning for some of us! Therefore for Joey and I,its a every Wednesday routine for running and crashing my crib,cause apparently only I can push her and control her diet for her own good , SINCE , she wants to go on a diet and slim down , according to her. Spent the night running downstairs in my garden,this time she did fairly good, 14 minutes plus plus without stopping,we're trying for 20 mins next week! So today I spent the day home packing my so called pig sty cause its so messy I would drown in the endless abyss of mess. Its now feeling so clean and fresh! So happy with it cause not only its neat,I've finally hanged up my "My little Ponies" set the boy got for me up on my wall! Today is day 4 , counting down 39 days to his return! Which would also , at the same time be airing "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" ! Excited yes?!

Then I was telling beeps , that since Gabriel has flown to Wallaby,I've been spending more money instead of saving. &She told me its retail therapy. HAHA Anyhow! Today is a really good day for me cause I've done all the work on my To-do list today.

  • Pack my room 
  • Go running with Joey 
  • Have dinner with mummy
  • hang up my pony set 
  • binge eat on rubbish nonsense and watch PLL

I really enjoyed my day,so I hope you guys enjoyed yours too! I am now going to continue binge eating on my unhealthy snacks. Goodnight sweethearts, X

Also! Catch Joey and I speed eating Pizza Pretz!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Videos!

You can take,my breath away.

Le new desktop look. 

So its been 3 days since Gabriel left sg! Been occupying my time with the girls,thank god for them really. They take the time to keep me company and tell me not to feel sad and all,of course so did my dearest Angeline Yeh. X 

Alright,went for Roxanne's exam as her model again with Melissa. (Its so weird to even type her name..... LOL BEEPS IF YOU SEE THIS. HAHA ) This time she did the bridal make up and I did the Smokey Brown,I think that's what its called. Anyhow,I really hope she passes this exam,cause I think she did a pretty good job? Will post the photos once Beeps uploads them! Then after headed to DBG with her to check out her phone and stuff,then headed back to my place then to hers. Am uploading a new video from us! Hopefully by tomorrow it will be up on our youtube channel! You can click on the youtube icon at the right side panel on this page, it will link you there! (: We're still starting off in this youtube thing,haha actually it was just for the fun sake of it , but we have some points now we'd like to share , so hopefully you guys will enjoy the videos!

I have to wake up tomorrow to meet Vicky for her interview. So I shall head to bed now,its like 5:40 in the morning.......Good morning early birds! (: Have a good wednesday , X

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Byebye @gababc for 43 days ):

So its finally here,the day of departure is finally here. Woke up at 7 to send the boy off to Wallaby! I REALL HATE SENDING PEOPLE OFF AT THE AIRPORT. I can never contain my emotions,although today I did! Till I reached the cab........fuck me. So he's going for 43 days? Which is like one frame more than everyone else. WHY GOD WHYYYYYYY. Anyhow waited with him till it was time for him to leave , so here's the few photos we took before he left!! Sigh.

Hi there my dearest most annoying nerve wrecking lovely boy,please take good care yourself there! EAT MORE , SMOKE LESS! 43 days isn't that long,we were exaggerating the whole thing. Hehe I'll be waiting. X