Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Swear up and down to God,that you finally fall in love.

3 nights from now before G books out from camp again. Sigh my life is disastrous,wish army wasn't so long. Wish it was just a few months of camping in the wild and its over. Okay okay,enough of the whines and rants. Had mumsies birthday dinner last night at Sushi Tei Takashimaya,and oh my god I was in heaven. The sashimi ,the miso soup,the udon,the clams. Then had my supper and gosh that was the life. Spend the entire night at G's place and sent him in this evening back to camp. So its 3 days from now till I see him again,I know its not very long,but its hard. So goodnight sweethearts hope you all had a great Christmas and a great weekend,have a great week ahead. X

Monday, December 26, 2011


Have yourself,a merry little christmas.

Scottie,Gabriel&I wishes everyone a Merry Christmas! (:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Life's finest moments lies where you learn to be easily contented,

Its Tuesday afternoon right now,&I'm sitting home because G's still in camp but! would be out this Friday. I've finally finished uploading all the photos and the video of my trip to Taiwan and hongkong with my favourite girls! That includes you Sean. lol Anyway,I've done the pictorial side of it but not the wordy part. Cause I doubt anyone would wanna read on how boring the trip actually was apart from the company I had cause I can never thank the skies and the earth and the Lord enough for these people I have in my life,that somehow make me feel less alone in this place. Okay since the last long trip we had together to Korea,this would be the Second long trip together with them,I don't know why but I really love hanging out with these girls. I wouldn't say Sean wasn't at all entertaining cause he was,very.

&Of course,Megan. Who obviously grew up from the last time I saw her. Which was say,5 years ago? So they came along too. The flight there was a short 4 hour flight,in addition to a 2 hour journey transit to Taiwan from Hong kong. The trip started with the visit to the Taipei 101 building which is similar to our Orchard Ion in Singapore. All the brands are there,you name it,they have it.

So the trip was alot about travelling from place to place,and learning about their tradition and cultures there. One of the better parts of the trip was going to the mountains to stay! They had humongous bath tubs,equivalent to the hot spring tubs they have there!

And up the mountains we get to touch the sheeps that roam around freely in this mountain area(:

The other exciting part of the trip which I have already updated about would be the Culture Village in Taiwan

The Mayan Adventure in the above picture,the videos of the rides are in posts below.

This one below would be the "Carribean Splash" which I do not have a video of,sadly. But its a really good ride,if you like rides like these. One of the best I've sat yet.

This one here is the Hair Raiser! videos also in the posts below. I wouldn't dare take this one but I heard its good,so those dare devils try this one!

The dragon.

Mine Train

So the bottom three rides are from the Ocean Park Hong Kong.
Main highlights of the trip,and of course shopping! But sadly,there are only winter clothes. Hard to buy anything over there,but the places with the cheapest and best clothing would be Xi men ding, Wu fen pu, and Ladies Street in Hong Kong. And to those who have dogs at home and have an addiction for buying them lots of clothes , Wu fen pu is the best place to be! (: So well,that's pretty much all about the trip. Counting down 2 and a half more days to G's first book out! ^^b

&I've come to learn that,we really do know what we have,just that we'd never know how its like to be without it and we'd never know how much we need it till we know we might just lose it. 

Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village&Ocean Park,

Alright I'm back! From my trip to Taiwan and Hong Kong. But currently the photos are taking awhile to upload,so I'll first show you the highlights of my trip,which was from Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village,and the well known Ocean Park Hong Kong. (:

So the first ride you see here is from the Culture Village called "Mayan Adventure". One of the best rides I had since the Eagles Fortress in S.Korea. A must try if you go there! Very very thrilling.

The second ride you see here would be the "Hair Raiser" in Ocean Park Hong Kong. One I'd dare not try cause its really hair raising! But I heard that it was pretty awesome,so this would be the must try in Ocean Park.

The third ride here is "The Dragon" , not as good as the first two and its pretty slow. But the loops at this speed is grawsome. So if you like to be hanged upside down for awhile,try this!

And last but not least,the "Mine Train". This ride has the most thrilling falls I've had so far,so if you like falls on a coaster,this ride has it all.

There was one I couldn't find on youtube,would be the "Carribean Splash" from the Culture Village. It has the most wicked sick falls and coaster combined. So if you like to roller backwards and have a full on splash,this is the ride to definately die for. We sat twice on this ride! It was to wicked awesome.

&Yes,that's all for this update,till I'm done with the photos. I'll be back to post them up! So goodnight Sweethearts,hope everyone had a good week. X

Monday, December 19, 2011

Part 2,