Sunday, November 30, 2014

"Because you loved them, there will always be parts of them that linger. The memories that are impressed on the places you went and the things you said and the songs you listened to will remain. We all eventually find ourselves standing in the checkout line, hearing one of those songs come on and realizing that all of a sudden, we’re revolving around them again. And maybe we never stopped."

Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Blues,

In a few more hours its back to reality, time passes really fast and in a blink of an eye the weekends are over, again. Where did all the long weekends go? I need a holiday get away, I can't believe I'm saying this but I really need a break. Any work environment would be stressful, but it just seems lately I've been really off track and I'm very exhausted.

Sometimes I just wished time would pass a little slower for me. But yet again, back to reality. Was suppose to upload my visuals, but that would probably be tomorrow. Goodnight sweethearts, hope you guys get through the Monday blues strong! X

Monday, November 10, 2014

Halloween 2014,

The Monday Face.

Happy Monday so far all! How's the weekends? I finally have the time to update this space again, work has been tying me down and I've been stuck at work the past 2 weeks or so and my weekends were packed till I'm drained. Sigh, working life just ain't that much fun after awhile.  But today I finally left work on time and got to have dinner with Gabby + an early night home.

So for halloween, I guess if you've seen my instagram or maybe not. I went as my favourite game character of ALL TIME, Tomb Raider aka Lara Croft. Been obsessing over her since young, when my cousins first introduced me to her games, I knew I was going to get addicted and finally got the chance to bring her to life! It was such a fun night, getting to go out with guns strapped to yourself and walk along the streets without being stared at or thought of as illegal. I actually got a onesie with Gabby&we were going to go as flying unicorns. But the thought of me letting this chance pass by again wasn't agreeing with my heart. After much consideration, I went to get my gear.

 Got these realistic looking guns from "Black Tactical" @ Funan IT Mall.

Thank God I had google to find out where I could get the most realistic pistols, I've seen the ones at costume shops but they still never come as close to those they sell in their store. Got these for a cheap $22???? They're actually toy guns, which came with this aiming pad, it makes noises as well as they are battery operated. The gun holsters are sold at the costume shop at Far East Plaza! But those were a little pricey IMO.

As for my outfit of the night...
Gear Details,
Black Tank Top : Some cheap random market shop. 
Black torn Shorts: Borrowed from Beeps. 
Belt : Levis
Wrist straps: Got them removed from a dress. 
Boots: Dr Martens
Socks : My old trusty white school socks. 
Shades : Charles and Keith.

They were pretty basic items I found while ransacking my clothes in the wardrobe. So my costume was pretty cheap and easily done! I've seen many others who've done the same costume as well but their outfit was more on point compared to mine! Everything was detailed and done to the last minor parts of it. If I'd ever go as her again, I'll probably try another look. (:

The rest of the night's photos taken by Gabby's & Joey's phone. 
My burrito the flying unicorn! He's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!!!!!! 
Joey as her slutty Flight Attendant.

&For those of you who were wondering where my flying unicorn is......
 (Apologies for the messy bed room, I really need to find the time to clear up.)

Yupp that's all for the night I guess, I'm going to crash pretty soon. Back to work tomorrow again! Sigh, I wish I could wake up without the alarm.....but before I go......
 Loving the new lash extensions I got from Bby aka Roxanne (&my Bagua from grandma) !!!!! 
She's such a talent for beauty, I always trust her to make me beautiful hahaha. 

But will blog about that another time. My brain is starting to malfunction as I type. Goodnight y'all beautiful people, have a great week ahead! X