Monday, July 27, 2009

So be it,

With much Love from me,i love you lots more alright!
No need compare,and i know you love me lots too. <3
Hope you enjoyed your surprise today,heh (:

Alrights,school today.
Not that bad,after school went compass with Vic Baby,BB and Baby yeo neh.
&did i mention,we have new babies to join the baby clique. Awesome much!
So Bk-ed for lunch,and Baby yeo neh's mum came to pay us a visit (LOL)
So after she had to accompanied her mum back first,
Brought Vic Baby to her surprise!(:
Went to slack upstairs,then tongz came + Baby yeo neh,came back to find us again.
Macs to "study"which did not happen again,
Cause Bb and i were playing with Loser Yeo's taptap.
And yenton and all were lazing away,
ended up slacking again. like wtf.
Alright so Baby yeo neh had to leave,
Tongz and all left together.
Vic baby and loserz yeo accompanied me after,
then i bused home.

Take a look at my mum,she's trying to be funny.

(Click to Enlarge,to see clearer)

For a good laugh,recommended by Roxy! (:

i can do this,people that keep me going.(L) you guys a whole lot.
I've come to realise,that things are the way they seem anymore.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fridays + weekends.

A quick update,
Friday,out with Cousies for Harry Fucker,i know again -.-
Didn't wanna go over their house for dinner,
so called up Jo and met her Claymo Jiejie,Vic Vincenta,and sam for awhile,
Then headed home after. (:

Sat,went for chemmy pract.
Then Lunchie with ZTB,Josejose and rongz.
Went home got ready,
Out with mum and dad for half hour mass,
then met up with the rest for Liddo study.
BB,Jo,Rox&Sam! Plus Claymo Jiejie,Jo sis and friend. (:
Study didn't really make it.
Fareast for a little shopping,MY SPECTS! :(
Fuck it fuck it fuck it,but i think Roxy so cool.
Her shredded Jeans and messy hair and cool specs.AWESOME.
I like sial,oh and new friend CATCAT! haha omgosh,her gf so fucking hot. I SWEAR.
Tsk she very HL walao,only know how to HL all her phone and Armani hat all. ):
Okay so went with them to vivo,got my top and dad came to pick up!
So cousies place then homed.

Today,churched and Had fam lunch,
then headed home for a little nap,
Zhouzhou popped by my house! (:
she wanted to have Frolicks,then visited Asshole
Her life sibei shiok,boring but earn alot TSK.
walao,okay so having dinner soon!
Rights will update photos when back! (L)
Photo spams. (:

So tell me,what else more do i need,when i have great friends around me right now. (:

Zhou says hi.(:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Picnic,Piggy backs,kidnaps,Entertainment (:

Take a good look at Super berry,she sibei chio.
I like (Y) Heh she is super berry k,mai siao siao.

Chinese Listening Comphrehansion today,Not bad,i managed to pay attention&not fall asleep.
Ry has been entertaining me during LC,i swear she is fucking retarded.
*does the wavy hand wave. LOL
& i swear upon my 3 fingers,that Esther Yeo Wei Xin tried to kidnap me today,
i almost died,I SWEAR. She tried to throw me off our school. -.-
She cursed me too flat the day before,and i went home to realise,i was kinda flat! _l_
FML i swear,& i am now restricted to one vulgarity a day,cause i almost died,
under someone's torture,which i don't have the stamina to fight back,will die.
Rachael is restricted to one vulgarity a day from now on,i shall be a good good girl,heh.
We have the Annoying Kid,Brainy kid,Hyper Kid,Downsyndrome kid,i forgot what Roxy was,
and i am the one and only,Vulgar kid. (Y) Thanks uh Jojo for the name.
But nonetheless,school won't be fun without these annoying ones. (:
So after LC headed to Rm with Zhouzhou,Marilyn&Jose to rm to eat,
then over to Sheri's place to mess around,funfun!
Indian Poker,muderer. HEH
Keon is living in a world of her magical pony's and Unicorns around her,
with her Bear beer bottles floating in the air,HA! Keon stop dreaming lah,get out of your world.
Roxy is my 2 dollar Hero now,we african keeds in need. Cup noods for recess tomorrow :(
Luv African Buddy,she back me up cause ClaymoJiejie call me dog. BOO!
Alrights,i'm off to bed naow,Goodnightz. Luvluv!

Just sometimes we stop to think,have we gone through all these for nothing?
Everything seems to feel like a dream,that lasted only at that very beautiful moment.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Racial Harmony much,

Happy Racial Harmony day + Happy 15th Birthday girl. (:
School was awesome today! with my oh-so-nice-to-eat fried rice. hehheh
Piggy backs were super awesome also,haha!I likeeee.
Tomorrow there's listening comphre,good luck to all of us.
School everyday now,i like. (Y)
Okays,i'm done for today. Watching Shane! :D
Roxy Passed her Jap!YAY!
Baibai. Oh ya btw,Screw blogger,you suck! _l_

Piggy backs i loveee. (L)

Just whats school life gonna be like,without these people around. (:

Monday, July 20, 2009


Haihai all,
I'm at B.Wifey's house now! tuition-ing,oh goshhh. Sleepppyyyyyyyyyyy ):
Today was an exciting day,so much for puzzle swan. I had a nize lunchhh.
I like like like like. :D Though much of brain cells killing. LOL
Hai Baby Wifey,Love you alotz alotz alotz kays. I know you ai wo too. <3
Hearts hearts to you. *blows kisses. (CLAYMO JIEJIE DON'T JEALOUS.)
This Jojo went to bathe,i very lonely naow,Booooooo. ):

Girl girl girl girl,
I'll be your sunshine you can be mine,
You'll be my windchime,i've got the rhyme.
We'll have a good time,make up your mind.
Roll with me girl you're so fine.
Girl girl,just let me Dj for you anytime,its so fine.

When i have nothing but the best now,

Okay,Photo Spammmmmm! :D
Town with BB,Vicky Baby and Loser yeo + Sentosa! (L)

If you had noticed,that loser Yeo has been a background,
for a few pictures,so annoying. you background loser.


Esther's Daily Wall papers,nizee. (Y)

Finally done! :D
Credits to BB,Marilyn and Sam for the photos! (L)