Monday, May 31, 2010

Lets get this started,

Rehearsals start this week,
So lets get this started.

We love you,蔡老师.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Back to where I left off,

Once upon a time,an angel loved me so.
It was a miracle,but once upon a time.

Life is back to normal for now after a hectic week of emotional stuffs.
Cookie has left and the silence at home is extremely painful at times.
But I'm a free girl again,to be back to my normal routines in life.
Open classes is this week and we're already starting to revise last years lesson steps.
Rehearsals would be back again for the June hols&I'm pretty much excited,
apart from the fact that it means Laoshi would be leaving very soon.
11 years I spent with her,like Adina said "She feels like a mum to us." True.
Definitely going to miss her after all these years of scoldings and lectures,she has been the best.
That's how we got this far,how we've grown this much.
If only she could see our last performance before she leaves.
So away from that,I headed out with Jobaby,Newlove,Sonia,Kiefer,Joey,ZZ,Cat&Peiyun today.
Haji first,then to town. It has been such a long time since we've all been out like that.
I couldn't get my boots today,sadly its sold out. I'm still pretty depressed,ohwell.
Life should be getting better I should say,not that it is any better. But I've been great so far,
its still raining around me,but I believe it'll stop raining soon having so many sunshines of mine around. (:
Sometimes,you'll go through all shits that make you stronger. That make you a tougher person.
Because in life,we'll learn that sometimes people are so full of bullshit. Likewise,people you used to think so highly of.
&just sometimes,you don't need these people and their bullshits. What ever in hell went wrong anyway?
Prawning later on in the night,I miss seeing so many people gather together like that for awhile now.
Guess I've been confining myself too much at home. I need to breathe,I need the air.
So,"People do change." I believe so myself now,how much one used to be and now no longer is.
How much you sometimes miss the people of your past,speaking of missing.
I miss you cookie boy,I miss your presence and your nonstop action hits 24/7. I miss your barking,your head tilt.
I miss you wanting my attention and then act all innocent when I'm about to go "whack" you.
I miss you,my little black thing. Hope you love the milk bone I bought you,its your favourite.
Did I mention anyway? I met this little thing as cute as cookie,she is Tintin. (:
On a side note,I got my phiten ordered too! Excited much!
Alright,Imma go to bed now. Its about time. Love you guys,thank you for everything. (L)


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Guess you never were the best for me,

Now that its all said and done,I can't believe you were the one.
To build me up and tear my down,like an old abandoned house.
What you said when you left,just left me cold and out of breath
Fell too far was in way too deep I guess I'd let you get the best of me.

Well, I never saw it coming. I should've started running
A long, long time ago. And I never thought I'd doubt you,
I'm better off without you More than you, more than you know.
I'm slowly getting closure. I guess it's really over.
I'm finally getting better. And now I'm picking up the pieces.
I'm spending all of these years Putting my heart back together.
'Cause the day I thought I'd never get through, I got over you.

Today? ,for my Cookie boy. ):

Sunday, May 23, 2010

For me it happens all the time,

Counting down,4 and a half. Time,could you pass alittle slower.
&btw Cookie Boy,I love you )':

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

&This is fucking life,

Day after day.

"Hello world, I’m a girl, I have feelings, I overreact, I underestimate, I overestimate,
I over think everything, I look too deep into everythings meaning,
I dream big, my expectations are high, I can tell when I’m being lied to,
but sometimes I wish I didn’t. Yes I get jealous, and I’m always scared I’ll lose you.
Thats why when I ask how you are I mean it, when I ask how was your day,
I genuinely want to know, and when I say I love you, I’m not lying.
Because I wish on every 11:11, and pray to God that all the signs I’m seeing,
aren’t being misread. Hello world, I’m a girl, and thats not easy."

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ain't giving up on love,

So I've been really busy with my Baby boy,Cookie.
Brought him to the vet yesterday,he was such a goodboy I must say.
&I'm glad to say that Cookie is a healthy boy! Just that he has puppy rashes,
he's gonna get a bath on Friday with his rash shampoo.
I think Cookie loves the Vet now,he didn't want to leave when we had to! Silly boy.
Alright Mizuki is coming over now,hopefully Cookie and Mizuki can be friends!
That boy is sleeping now,he must have been so tired. Playing the whole entire afternoon,
with Joey,Yuwen and Jacqueline. Next week is Cookie's first Vaccination!

&This is specially for my favourite beeestch Mandy!
Beeeestcchhhh! I also wanna thank you for all the advices you gave on Cookie,
and it seems like Cookie and Dusty are of the same breed! Both Mongrels. (:
Cookie boy here is a German Shepherd mixed Labrador retriever!
Okay Mizuki has arrived! So I'll update later!

&also btw,

Monday, May 17, 2010

Picture Perfect Memories,

Super uber overdued photos!
Picnic Night @ Marina Barrage.

Day out with Joey,Sam&ZZ!