Friday, October 31, 2008

Behbeh,behbeh! :(


I'm going out today! :D
yayness,omggg i need to get beh's birthday present soon!
Alright,eating breakfast now.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm bored,i don't know what to do.
I wanna go out,but i don't have anywhere to go.
I wanna meet my baby,but i have no idea WHERE TO GO.

imissmybaby ):

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dear God,

Dear God,
I pray that Dearest baby can sleep well tonight,
she has terrible headaches,&she can't get to sleep.
So i pray that you'll help her headaches go away,
so that she can sleep soundly tonight.

Get well soon,Baby.

My heart is wherever you are,

Stop Ticking away! ):
I wish time could stop for me,
Or at least,slow down?
i wanna spend more time with people around me,
Especially,loved ones.
I'm moody lately,sorry.
i just can't control my temper,
i'll be back as a happy kid again,

Just imagine if the world ends today,
What would you wanna do?How would you spend it?
What would you say to those around you?

A friend is someone who knows the song of your heart,
and can sing it back to you,when you
have forgotten the words

Even a thousand miles can't keep us apart.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's like catching lightning the chances of finding someone like you
It's one in a million, the chances of feeling the way we do
And with every step together, we just keep on getting better

Monday, October 27, 2008

Love that silly one.

Alright,i made this for fun.
haha i thought it was
Anyway,outing with Baby,beh and mk today(:
Fun day,always.
well shall be a short post for now.
I'm heading to bed soon! :D
My poor baby is gonna school tomorrow,
B sleep early alright!
I'll be picking you tomorrow :D
Like always,you never fail to make everyday a sunshine day.
Iloveyou,silly B.

Can promises be kept unbroken?

Headed out with Baby yesterday to bugis,
got her watch altered,then to Suntec.
Supposing to buy her wallet,but she decided on something else(:
so now she has to wait again for it.
Walked around suntec&had early dinner i think,
at BK,Baby was a hungry kid.
Haha,alright then headed to Carefour supposing to get a drink too,
But we both did something baddddd,guilty kids..
yeap,oh the headed to catch our movie! :D
hahah omg,vip seats yo!
It was a sofa seat,and wow,it wasn't bad! (:
Then walked to suntec convention center and took bus 70M home,
ohhh,ice-cream for dinner! :D
and Pasamalam.haha,not much things left though (:
we saw 2 AHLIANS,hahah they stood there and kept insisting on winning the huge softtoy..
WTH,i think its a waste of time and money.
haha,welll it was a great day,loved it(:

Outing today with Baby!& Maybe Behbeh&that si munkie.
haha :D i'm excited! roarsss.

You never fail to brighten up my day with your adorable smile b,ily. (:

Saturday, October 25, 2008

You fill my mind,

At cousins place now,
finally met up again after so long.
Passed them their birthday presents,
alright now i'm super bored.
oh&btw Mindchamps were for mentally disabled children,
haha omg wth.
&Miss swan is getting on my nerves.
Vivian stop it.
Okay adeline said its Fred.

alright,i bought a watch for B today (:
i'm super,uber,very,extroadinary,fucking sweet! :D
hahaha B quick say i'm sweet!

Shoppping today with Mummy.
Family for B&I.
imy very very much.

Okayys,shall stop here.
Meeting b tomorrow~ :D
totall yayness.

oh! A says she love 5566! :D

i hope my perfect fairytale,will be neverending (:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Can i hold you with me tonight?

Plans were half ruined today,
partly my fault!SUPER SORRY BEH!
Went to school today&it ended around 11 plus.
Then headed over to Beh's place,got my hair trimmed and cut.
Got it dyed after.
Pretty brown now,but not very obvious,
still a good job done by beh(L)
haha,she's a born hairstylist,
proud to be her good friend. (:

And B came over to beh's place to meet me,
then we went down to have my lunch,
Damn cause i didn't have allowance today,
ah,what a life.
Alright,i was suppose to go with beh to find her Dress today,
but problems came,so yes i went home with B in the end.
then took a bus from her house back home.
B's out now,i'm all alone! ):
Meeting her tomorrow anyway,
Movies tomorrow babies! :D

How many times in a week would you say you're jealous?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Never thought not having you here,i would miss you so much

Alright currently at B's place.
she's playing the PSP,
so yes i'm talking to beh online now,
discussing our plans for tomorrow.
HAHA,exciting much.
Anyway i had fun irritating jo today,
hahah this was the conversation.

Jo:Eh this week going out not?
Me: Yah going out.
Jo: Go where?
Me: Somewhere.
Jo: Where?
Me: Somewhere,go your house.
Jo: This friday going out right?
Me: no.

haha okay anyway,only i thought it was funny.
so ya,damn it-.-
Whatever okay whatever.


Alright,back from B's place.
That silly Baby had cramps,
so picked her up from school,
&accompanied her home (:
So now i'm back,
well tomorrow's the last day of school!
&i have plans! haha *evil grins
Well i'm gonna enjoy this holiday to max,
nobody's gonna stop me! :P
haha okay whatever to that.
Bye,i'm gonna get to my bed&happily message that silly one.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My silly,Adorable Baby,

Alright,i'm back to share something Entertaining(:

Okay,for those who know i had rashes when i came back from staying at B's place.
So i went home and i started scratching like crazy,
then i saw alot of rashes,Nettle rash;skin eruption called HIVES.
I messaged Baby,this was whats she told me the next day.

B:Yst middle of the night i can't sleep -.-Scared got bugs.
Then you know what i did,i vaccum my bed,bolster all :D

See how silly and adorable she can get?
omg,seriously i'm falling too deep in love with her alr.
B,omg how much cuter can you really get?LYB veryvery much (:

xoxo,hugs&kisses to B.

I'll know the stars are holding you tonight,

Didn't attend school today,
still scratching up and down my back.
Well,gotta meet the parents session with M.S
damn cause i missed two days of school,
the MC should work out though.

back to school tomorrow,
seriously dead bored at home now.
Alright beh we will go for singing sessions.

Alright,Baby came over&left alr ):
Now i have no idea when i'm meeting her next.
but anyway,i got to see her today!Great.
i'll be missing you,


Monday, October 20, 2008

Alright,i've decided to use blogger again.
Since livejournal's like locked.
I'm bored,you can kill me now.

i'm gonna do something now,bye.