Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our Third,

Happy Lovely Third my Dearest,
Its been a really great 3 months&I've appreciated all you've done.
You invade my dreams,camp out at corners of my mind&occupy my heart.
&that makes me happy. Today is the 6th since we saw each other,
but the fact that we don't see each other everyday,
Just makes it more electric when we do. (:
&when we're together,my mind is calm and my heart feels full.
I know I have been annoying lately,sorry for the temper,sorry for the mood.
For tolerating me,thank you. (:
Because only you,can make me smile from my heart.
Love you a million DLYW. For being so awesomely great. <3
Lastly,Happy Third to the both of us.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Because there's both of us,so there is trust.


Met Zhouzhou @ serangoon station today&Jobaby plus zehzeh at somerset.
Headed to winsland tower then off to cine for lunch,spend quite some time there.
Finally met up that ass of mine for awhile,ION for zhou's shopping,
Saw Tan Hui Zi there,plus Mr Meng Soon. Went for Ben&Jerry's later on together.
Trained back to Serangoon with Ass&ZTB,then i got to meet up my dearest friends.
Chilled at Icecube.(Y) Awesome time there with them. Meet up soon again! (:
Home now,urgh i wanna go shopping tomorrow&Jobaby's going with me! (L)
Tomorrow's Friday. Gosh. ): Anyway should be heading to bed soon,so nights dearies.

&Roxy Baby,meet me up soon!Its been a long time since i saw youuuuuuuuuuuuu! ):

Meet my dearest friends,Ass&ZTB!

Counting down,1 more day.

My heart did sink,it sank really low.
Nothing happened,nothing ever did.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Everytime my heart beats,


ECP with Jobaby,Tongzie,Joey,Jess&Eunice!(:
Met up with Tongzie and Joey@Parkway,Cabbed down to ECP later on.
Bicycle riding day! Supposingly picnic,but screwed it up.
Spent the entire afternoon there&Headed to Tongzie's place for dinner after.
Godma send me home after dinner today,awesome much. \m/
Right gonna head to bed soon,flu is coming after me,Damnit!

Say hi to ECP!

Oh&yes,I must admit. Watching Joey learn to ride a bike is rather entertaining!
But the sad thing is,Love didn't get to join us today! =/
Counting down,2 more days.

I know that deep inside,we're all exactly the same.
Its love that runs,within the blood&it always shows us the way.