Wednesday, June 30, 2010

3 consecutive days,


Its those ever changing days that leaves memories and pictures the same.
3rd last night,would tonight make the 4th? Jobaby is right,I need to stop all these.
Oh&yes! Wait for me,4 wheelers! I'm coming for you. (:

Have faith,

The best Baby,one could ever ask for ♥

Seems like today,isn't a very happy day for a few.
But it was one of the best days I've had in the last many months before.
Headed out with Baby today! Accompanied her to get her pretty gel nails done,
off to Dhoby suppose to catch TS 3 with her again,but failed. So we had dinner,
over to Cine for our first photo print stickers with her,now I can't take my eyes of them.
They look so pretty,for some reason or another. (:
Alright so she went home later on and I went to meet the usuals for singing,
headed home at 230 and Imma bout to sleep,fetching cuz from school tomorrow at 1!
Goodnight sweethearts&to all those who are trying to sleep with a heavy heart,sleep well.
When in despair,have faith. "Enjoy the pain and just dance in the rain." (L)

Now we start to realise,what we really need in our lives.
Who said,no one was afraid of losing the ones they love?
Everyone tends to be afraid,scared and in despair.
Life isn't fair,cause the world never was. That is a fact we can't change.
It hurts,kills you inside out. stabs your heart over and over again.
What you have to do is,get a grip of yourself and stand right back up.
Move on and life still carries on. Its never easy and no one said it was.
But neither did we know,it was this difficult.
Sometimes,we'll just have to live with the pain in order to know,whats it like to feel hurt.
To realise,how fragile someones heart might be,as fragile as yours. To feel human,
to feel human enough to hurt and be in pain.
"&Yes I'd rather hurt,than feel nothing at all."

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dream about the world,

"Try sleeping with a broken heart" - Quoted
Nobody said it was easy,but nobody said too,that it would be so difficult.

In the midst of finding "us" back,I lost you and myself.
I really wonder why people suddenly change after they get what they wanted.
One day they're sweet and the next they're not. One day they're here,
then just suddenly out of the blue they're gone. One day you're important to them,
then the next you're completely worthless. They say they love you today and somehow
just the very next day they entirely couldn't careless bout you.
Thats how ironic things and people can be,pretty shits,pretty lies,everything pretty fucked up.
Though its still your choice,but you choose to get hurt,when you choose TO BE IN LOVE.
I used to believe,but no longer. I've realise sometimes in life,you'll just have to jolly well
move the fuck on. Still,sunshine after the rain? Then where are you sunshine,its been raining
for the longest time in my 18 years. I miss being happy,so much.

&Baby,nobody sleeps well with a broken heart. Its not easy to,I've been there done that,
more than a gazillion times. Still,I've done it. Not almost,but at least I know how hard it is.
Sleep with happy thoughts in mind,thinking about the best times. I'm pretty sure you'll do just fine. (:
I can't wait to meet you tomorrow,sleep well tonight (L)

&As I sing,
" 've been awake for awhile now,you got me feeling like a child now.
Cause everytime I see your bubbly face,I get the tingles in a silly place.
I've waited all my life,to cross this line to the only thing thats true.
Now I will not hide,its time to try anything to be with you,all my life I've waited.
Is this true. You,you've got me,thinking it'll be alright. You told me,come and take a look inside.
when you came into my life,you've showed me what's right. &it feels like tonight.
I can't believe how broken I am,inside."

&It never fails to run through my mind.

I believe 当我在你家门口
I believe 你不说话的时候
只告诉自己I believe

Monday, June 28, 2010

I want a yorkie for my next baby!

Four,repeat steps 1,2,3.

This life,is what you make of it. No matter what,
you're going to mess up sometimes,its a universal truth.
But the good part is you get to decide how you're going to mess it up.
Girls will be your friends - they'll act like it anyway. But just remember ;
some come,some go. The ones that stay with you through everything,
are your true friends. Don't let go of them. Also remember,
sisters make the bestfriends in the world. As for lovers,well they come and go too.
And babe,I hate to say it,most of them,actually pretty much all of them,
are going to break your heart. But you can't give up because if you do,
you'll never find your soul mate. You'll never find that half who makes you whole
and that goes for everything. Just because you failed once doesn't mean you're gonna
fail at everything. Keep trying,keep holding on and always,always believe in yourself.
Because if you don't,who will? So keep your head high,keep your chin up and most importantly,
keep smiling,because life's a beautiful thing&there's so much to smile about.

You can't play on broken strings,

Do you even know?

Grace my days and Heaven fills my view,

Who makes, the sun light up my shadows
When the darkness tries to follow me
Who makes,the air that brings me life
So I can breathe the love that's given to me

You make everything good,everything wonderful
You grace my days and heaven fills my view
Let's forever sing

You make everything pure,everything beautiful
You make me see the only thing that's true,it's you.

&How on earth would I ever,ever forget that.
I miss you. With every little single thing we used to do.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

All in all,

"I was young but I wasn't naive,I was helpless as you turned around to leave.
But still I had a pain that I had to carry,a past so deep you could not burry even if you tried."

My happy pills,the ones who pull me through each time I thought I wouldn't.
What would I do without you three,Adeline hurry finish your exams. You're missing out,
I love you guys. In way down deep. (L)

Today was much of a family day,once again.
Headed to church in the morning,had breakf. Off to meet the happy pills for singing!
Finished around 4,had Katong Laksa for lunch and all headed home.
Simple yet awesome day spent. Next week spells F.U.N,'Eclipse' will be out
Jobaby is going to be done with her exams,Joey too. I'll be one less lonely girl, (:
Gonna meet Baby on Tuesday,Cuz on Wed. Now tell me the week ahead sounds good?
Hell yeah,I'm ready for the week ahead. \m/
Sadly everyone's starting school and I need to quit bumming around at home. Job hunt!
I'm lacking in frequent updates on this space,I need to stop being so lazy and start doing more updates!

Is it me,or is it that we're all growing up so fast now?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Roll in all the riches all around you,

" The best feelings are the ones that have no words to
describe them "

Back home finally. Had supper barbeque session with Cat and co last night,
Stayed over and had a game of Cluedo,then caught the last bit of "Alice in Wonderland".
Mumsie and Daddy-O came over to pick me in the morning&today I spent it with Family.
Felt so nice to be seeing everyone gathered around the dinner table again for dinner,
talking and laughing at everything under the sun. Seeing my favourite girls,was the best part.
I'll be seeing my girls tomorrow again,I'm so excited for it. I have a date with them,July 1st too!
Alright church tomorrow as usual,I'll have to get to bed now. Goodnight Sweethearts,
tomorrow will be a better day. (:

As I was on my way home tonight,I passed by many of the little routes we used to take home.
Reminded me alot about us,its been awhile now I know. But I guess a little part of me,hasn't let go.
And another little part of me,still holding onto the past of what we used to have.
I haven't totally forgotten how it used to be for us,maybe you have. But I don't think I ever will.
Everything felt real,felt deeply etched in my heart. Through such a short period of time.
Somehow I feel,nothing ever really makes my heart whole again.
Everytime I give it to someone,it breaks,I piece it back.
But I'll always find one of the pieces missing,then I'd realise its gone forever.
I'll miss you,I do. Just somehow,its a need to say goodbye sometimes. Maybe till forever.
Guess I'll just have to wash up those tears,fix myself,get back up and move the fuck on.
I say I don't on the outside,but what is the fact that I still do even if everyone else and the world doesn't.
It'll all stay in my heart,for always.

Being together is more than just physical,
its about understanding the other person.
Being there for them,talking for hours,
making each others dreams come true.
and not needing anything to keep it worthwhile
because it has been,right from the start,no matter how.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Can you sing with all the voices of the moutain,
Can you paint with all the colours of the wind?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It all flows back,

Whats it like to have sudden memories flowing back,remembering how good everything used to be.
when you think back and realise how things weren't suppose to be,how it is right now.
Maybe there was something more you could have done to change it,during nights where you
actually realised that it wasn't suppose to be this way. Regretting how you never tried all you
could to change whatever that has happened. Why the certain people in your life,didn't make it
to your future? Do we actually think we could control how our lives would turned out,how
certain things could have been. Choices we make,roads we choose to take. When sometimes,
life isn't fair. When one thing crashes,everything crashes one after another. Or all at once.
But then again,when one thing turns out good. Everything starts too look good one after another too.
How I wished,I was still young. Choosing barbies,choose doll houses.
How I wished,my decisions to make where still as simple as when I was younger.
Oh how much I hate growing up now.

On a happier note,I'll be meeting my darling girls tomorrow for our cuzzies outing! (:
Gonna catch my toy story 3 tomorrow! Fuckg excited naow.
Shall be back with 8gb memory full of photos,haha okay that was too over. Just kidding.
Alright shall head to bed soon,spent the whole day clearing my room! Ikea is so motivational.
Goodnight sweets. Tomorrow will be a better day. (L)

You've never changed.


Monday, June 21, 2010

How about a little Improvisation?

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Alittle improvisation done.
Your familiarised "Bella's Lullaby" ?
So here's River Flows In You,improvised version.

Credits to Alden Pong at the same time. \m/

Wish I could be,part of your world.

There's a calm surrender,through the rush of day.
When the heat of the rolling world can be turned away.
An enchanted moment and it sees me through,
Its enough for this restless warrior,just to be with you.

There's a time for everyone,if they only learn.
That the twisting kaleidoscope moves us all in turn
There's a rhyme and reason to the wild outdoors
When the heart of this star-crossed voyager beats in time with yours.

So can you feel the love tonight?

&I just can't get enough of disney love songs today.
I feel so sick and tired of the world.

12 Midnight,

It has been exactly,4 hours of waiting for my dvd session and those slow pokes!
&I'm so fuckg hungry naow,waiting for my geylang soyabeanmilk and meesua and guotie.
Faster come lehzx! Pamela Seah,Keitaro Chanelle Cheng & Jaslyn Chong yui!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


This just made me wanna ditch my apple for a berry. Crap.

My Saturday night,

11 years and still counting,

Its 4:07am,

I fucking need to get to sleep,its freaking 4 in the morning already. Fuck My Life.
Suppose I'm suffering from very bad insomnia. Not a very good sign,in addition to the eye bags.
Someone tell me how to fall asleep without counting sheeps? Rahhh,I miss CookieBoy. ):
Damnit,I shall try to fall asleep now. I'm gonna try counting all the people, in the photos on my wall.
Smart ass.

&I almost forgot,Happy Fathers Day Dad. (L)

And we were just kids in love,

Finally met up my old school sweethearts today,
so much catching up done! Sadly I left my camera with Cat,so I had to use theirs.
Will upload photos once I get all of em' over. Ice Edge Cafe today for dinner/desert.
Their waffle Ice-cream is \m/ makes me so hungry now.
Sitting down in the cafe,catching up with my two longest time sweet hearts.
I must say I'm very glad we're still hanging out,its been more than a decade we know each other.
Its heart warming to see each other growing up,then looking back at how silly our games were,
how we had so much fun when we were younger.
Our letters,having sleepovers,slumber parties we dream of but never happened.
Still,it felt so warm in the heart. How we used to do the silliest things,
anyone would ever dream of.
Wishing we'd all grow up living together,wished that our dream job would be a vet,
all those little big dreams we used to talk about. Looks like we're all growing up pretty fast.
Somehow,sitting there and talking about everything under the sun hit me.
That I somehow,I wished you'd still be the topic I'd talk about to all my friends.
The topic I'd go a little crazy over,then get a sweet warm feeling inside.
Well,at least I had the chance to feel this way once. It aches a little every now and then,
but I'm pretty sure it aches a lot lesser now.
I'm often questioned,"Do you miss those times?" "Well,why not? It was sweet for once wasn't it?"
Its that feeling,that you can never really forget,that very feeling you can never really get rid of.
But it makes me smile when I remember,memories you call it.
Well oh well,time sure flies. It will be the 5th soon. Goodnight world,tonight feels so cold.

&This is how we are,11 years and still counting.
Love you both my pre-united sisters club,beans club and Doggie club girls to bits. (L)

Just sometimes,I'm so sick and tired,
of all those non-existent bullshit my mind makes up.



Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dunks FTW!

FML I want this.

Why does it rain?

Why does it rain,why does it hurt?
Please God explain,cause I don't understand.
Love made me fly but now I just cry.
Please tell me why,why does it rain.

Wouldn't life be so much better if,we never had to go through heart breaks.
If only till now,the hardest choice to make would still be which crayon to take,
which friends to hate. Then later turn back and say "Lets be friends again. (: "
Life would be alot more happier,I want to be young again. When I only had simple choices to make.
Time should be healing my yearn,but somehow it just doesn't feel fully healed.
Maybe I wasn't that good either,so why is there blame? When everyone was part of the fault.
Hurt never used to hurt so much,pain never used to be in the heart.
The days where my heart used to shine brighter than the sun and now those days are gone.
Who am I kidding when I say,"I'm alot better." When I'm not much better anyway.
Guess life had to be hard,so when the good times come you'll learn to appreciate it more.
Its raining now,but I don't believe its gonna rain forever. I'll just have to bear with the rain,
so I'll see the rainbow. Yes?
Alright,gonna meet up my old school buddies tonight! Can't wait. (:
Update when I get home. (L) Have a good day world.

On the way to falling asleep,


Okay hi,I am trying to fall asleep. But well,doesn't seem like it.
Alright I shall really go head to bed now. I can hear it calling me somehow.
(Coincidentally that whole chunk rhymes! )

Good Morning World,

Cat's super awesome fierce boots! \m/

Hi all! Its 6:15 am and we just ended our session for today,
PLAY was boring last night,London sucked.
Headed off to Geylang for supper last night,then headed back to Cat's place.
Life has been great,cookie has been a naughty boy this morning.
I'm losing the kick to blog somehow,looks like my braincells are dying out. ):
But well,I'll get that kick back! Meeting Old time classmate and ZTB for supper later!
Alright I'm gonna get some shuteye for now,replenish all those energy!
Good Morning all early birds.

Those very over dued photos! (:

Dive into the ocean of your dreams,sometimes things ain't what they seem.
If you feel lost and might be afraid,lonely in the rain.
Paint a picture of tomorrow in you,feel the wonder of tomorrow in you.