Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rain rain go away, come again another day.

Its a rainy Tuesday morning / Monday night. A little nonchalant, though so stoked for X-men this week! Finally? I've waited long enough for this episode to arrive and its finally here. Back to work later again as usual and its likely almost half a days work for me, spent the weekends with Gabby and I must say I'm very thankful for his company. Oh! and I've also finally met my little chubbs precious niece who is now walking already? She grows up so fast and is heading to kinderland in December, say whut!? School at the age of 1! What was I doing at the age of 1, probably watching too much tv.

Anyhow, the past few weeks have been rather good. Everything is going well, also I've yet to mention I sang live for the first time on stage......... that actually made me realise I actually have stage fright. In case you guys don't know I sing for a hobby.

&I want to actually side track because , I'm feeling sleepy right now and hungry. I'm going to hunt for food. Will talk about my experience soon, since I have nothing to blog about and I want to keep those as memories. Goodnight , keep warm X

"I look at you , and I'm home."

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sometimes , I don't know if it ever means anything to you on how much of the things I do for you. 

I don't know what to caption my post,

"Life isn't always romantic. Sometimes, its realistic. Sometimes, things don't work out the way you want them to." - Pretty Little Liars.

Tuesday, yet again. 1:28am. Back from a long but pretty relaxed week, which I had obviously done nothing much. Except for bringing Scottie to finally check what is actually going on with his skin, and it appears that he has bacteria infection. &Also met up with the cuzzy wuzzy to help out with her online webstore (which you can check out here+ I get to visit little bb A! Whom I haven't met since she turned a month old, I'm such a bad Aunty. &I TOTALLY FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES WITH HER *INSERTS SAD EMOJI , even when I saw them again the next day. Seriously bad Aunty. Well, hopefully I'll have more time now so I can visit her more often. 

This week is going to be an intense one, have so much to do but yet again so little time. Excited, yet again nervous / worried / scared / overly stressing myself out. All these emotions all at once. 

Start of this week has been alright, Monday was a few hours ago, but I had it spent pretty well I guess. Alright, I'll head back to RavensWood&try not to freak myself out too much while watching it. Goodnight. X 

I know how much it means nothing now, but I am not going to deny how much it will still affect me.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sometimes I don't know what I care so much about or bother so much for , when others just couldn't be. 

Denim X Rip ,

Armed in : Ripped denim jeans // Floral crop top // Grey Croc Slip ons // Leather Tote 
- All by styledasher.
Photo Credits - Desiree

Happy Labor Day! Finally ended the month of April and entered the month of May, everything has been in a routine and I honestly find it too mundane. Not because I don't enjoy what I'm doing but for the fact that, I'm doing too much of the same thing. Reason for this would be work, had a moving out sale for the past week , EVERYTHING SEEMED SO TEMPTING, but still, bored of that place. Other than that, finally back to class and I FEEL SO OUT OF PLACE, why are the kids so good at this now (Sigh).

Happy thing about this week is, its a public holiday today! which also means, NO CLASSES! (pops champagne , throws confetti!!!!!) Gonna catch spider man later with Gabby, can't wait.

On a side note, met my korean bff today for some girl time with her and her aunt! Who happens to be so hippie and cute? haha I don't know how amused I actually am to see someone of age still so cool and stuff. Also I met the most adorbs puppy today called 'bambam' ! Pebbles has finally found her brother , too bad she didn't get to meet him today. But here's a photo of me and the little furling with credits to Roxy for taking it! Though I apologise for the pixilated photo, due to dark lighting!

&Finally got about to replace Pebbles cage with a new play pen! More pictures when I get the chance to snap em'. Though she has upgraded to a playpen instead of a cage, I can't wait for the day when she gets upgraded to the baby door, so she doesn't have to be confined even when I'm not home. Super disappointed on how my Mom changed her mind last minute about the baby door due to my Dad's humongous fear of dogs after spending such long and happy times with Pebbles&Scottie...... *inserts gazillion sad emojis here.

Okay , I'm going back to my pretty little liars, WHO EVER WATCHES THEM AREN'T YOU EXCITED FOR SEASON 5!?

I honestly don't know why I type so much shit here when I know I'm the only person reading this. lol -.-

Goodnight Sweethearts. X