Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Swim away fugu fish,swim away!

Duck noodle,car rides.

So,school hasn't closed down LOL
and i don't think it will soon. ):
So first day of school was quite alright,
after school went to compass with BB and Vic baby.
went to get art materials from art friend,
Waited for D.Tok to arrive,
then headed to have our Duck noods! :D
Nice car ah eh,ferrari sial. HAHHAAHA
LOTI CAR. I likeeeeeeee. (:
So yupp,and we camwhored in the car?
After having our duck noods,
then headed to my place for awhile,then went to have frolick,
and i got my mcflurry of the day,plus my dinner,mac wings! :D
WEBCAM PHOTO SPAMM! okay too many,shall just upload in Fb.
There are like 138 webcam photos,like crazy!
Today i heard something very scary,now i know.
What KPO really means,like really.
oh ya and S.A got 3 L's XL GL AND LL. -.-
Sibei annoying to the effing max.
So after school stayed back for art today,
then went compass with vic baby,then went home.
Simple lame day. Laughed much eh vic! hahahaa.
Alrighties,i is gonna watch my Shane :D

Over Dued photos! (:

Duck noodle day! :D

Last but not least,FROLICK! :D

Move bitch get out the way,
Get out the way bitch, get out the way. _l_

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Rachael Crisis,

Ain't about whats waiting on the other side.
Fucking crisis now,help?

Hihi all,
Sunday morning,and i'm homeee.
super sleepy to the maxxxx.
Time to update and upload,so yupp here i am.
Friday,met up with BB
Then headed to Cine to meet up with Jomama and co.
Met up with Cindy,Hansa and Houster too. (:
Vicky and Bf came down toooz, :D
Spend our time there slacking again,as usual.
Then poor girl go home again,house alarm.
Mama i think you can just hammer it so,you won't have to go home early alr.LOL
Alrighty,then send Vicky&bf to station
Then walked all the way back to Cine again,
Cabbed home with BB and Hansa later. (:

Like nize this composition,Cindy must be proud of it. HAHA
&Housters stupid spring toy,keep tangling it,then untangling it. -.-

&this sexaye man. WTF -.-

Rushed down to meet BB at Ps,then headed to FEP.
Shopping trip again worzx,nize and i like.
Spent the whole entire day at FEP,pasta for lunch,
and then went for tuition at like,545.
Tuition was yet again awesome,fun.
Bought Macarons! :D Fucking cheap there,but also not very again.
So Saturday was like okayz

Okay so today i'm like bored,
don't have anything to do,
Tomorrow schoolz like starting,fuck.
Thats all for now,hungryyy.
okayz Bai.

Yes i'm suprised,
Very indeed,this suprise is nize. (: