Monday, September 27, 2010

So what,even if I do?

Something,which I lack,so much of.

This page has been left blank,for the past week. Work work and definately,more work.
Skipped lessons for two weeks,so its a big need to be at lessons this Saturday again.
I think I've lost the blogging bug,I don't find the urge to blog anymore.
&I'm losing the kick. My mind's been in a whirl,its not focused,lost and confused.
I can never seem to concentrate,I'm distracted half the time. 1:16 am,
and I have to give training at 1130 am tomorrow. Work's good today at HG mall,
Sam was being a total retard doing her bouncy kitty nonsense,had supper with her and co.
Life's been pretty good,at least I think it is. Hopefully,what I think isn't just what its made
out of. I hear of it,I feel pretty upset for you. Somehow I knew,it was going to happen.
Though its been a long while,but I still feel a tinge of sadness inside.
I can't feel the happiness I should be feeling,or would be feeling. Like I said I was,
Indeed my mind is in a whirl. I can't figure out till now,what I need and what I want.
The need to have and the good to have. The difference between the two,have I learned?
I had so much to realise,so much to understand and so much to fucking accept.
Its the 27th of September today,and hereby I wish you a Happy birthday,
if you ever see this. Hope you'll have a good one,like you did last year.

So much is going through tonight,I need to let my mind rest for now.

Friday, September 17, 2010


More than words could explain,

I'd like to make myself believe,

That planet earth,turns,slowly.
&everything,is never as it seems.

Is it?

Monday, September 13, 2010

What now?

In life,you'll realise dreams are just dreams.
They never become reality,you dream about something,
just because you wish so much for something to fucking happen,
then you realise they won't,cause sad to say we're living in reality.
If dreams were a place I could live in,I'd stay there for the rest of my life.
Cause reality hurts way to much for me to take.
Why,why let me dream of something like this. Just when I'm about to take the step out?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

When you say nothing at all,

The sweetest little boy on earth,apart from my Cookie boy.
Meet Go-Go,my Godson. (:

Brought Gogo out for a swim today at Pasir Ris Farmway! Which was a huge experience,
That poor boy doesn't know how to swim,while all the others could. &He started getting
restless,then he went around disturbing the other dogs. He should really learn how to swim!
Brought him Vivo City's Pet Safari later on,got him a new leash. &Quite a number of snacks,
Oh and Beeps got him a new bag to carry him around,and he has this sneak preview action
everytime he sticks only his little head out of the hole of the bag. Brought him back to meet
girlgirl later on,a girl version of my cookie boy! But way smaller,she has such a small face.
Also she has a phobia of leashes and getting out of the house,but she has a fetish for bushes!
Anyway,she's one sweet little girl too. She loves giving kisses,but she's just a little timid now.
Hopefully we'll get her out of her timid shell soon,she looks like a Basenji Hound!
Headed home after,with lessons at 830 tomorrow and I'm still wide awake. Great.
Alright,I'm gonna get some shuteye now. I really need to,goodnight everyone.

With this feeling I have,its more than words can explain.