Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

Doodle schnoodle,

Friday morning,TGIF TO ALL YOU LOVELY PEOPLE OUT THERE! I'm finally back to this probably dying space of mine,haven't been updating due to the internet failure of google chrome or perhaps my internet's problem,that I couldn't load bloggers home page. With all that said,I shall start. So my weeks,been good. My items have arrived! and will be mailed out tomorrow morning,I AM SO EXCITED! Okay and today I caught "Kungfu Panda 2" with the boy,really hilarious show. As good as 1 or better! Headed down to Nex mall to meet up my girls>had dinner>Sheri's place>Joey's place AND WE GOT STALKED BY THIS GROSS LOOKING MIDDLE AGE SICK MAN. That gave Joey the chills cause he gave her a (K) face,LOL. > Home.
Weekends are arriving and that means back to LESSONS for me cause I've been AWAY from this for awhile now,I've not been dancing for a month! I feel old. SIGHHHHHH. Anyway,by hook or by crook I WILL AND MUST go back this week. IF I DON'T,SOMEONE PLEASE JUST HANG ME. Alright alright,enough of that crap. So I guess I'll be idling away for now,cause I can't sleep yet. My body clock's SCREWD,unfortunately. I have irregular sleeping hours. I doubt anyone sleeps like I do,okay probably boyf does,but other than that. I'm pretty irregular. So goodnight hunnie bunnies,have a great weekend! Party rock. X

Yo ho,yo ho a pirates life for me.

Oh yesyes,this is for the anonymous that commented.
I don't wish to post your comment,but I appreciate your kind concerns,anyway we don't expect everyone to be perfect,in a relationship there's always giving and receiving,everyone has their flaws,its just how much we're able to accept it. I too may have my flaws,which you may not know,so there's no whether we deserve whosoever or not. That's ultimately for the both of us to decide,but for now,we're good,maybe cause we've been having problems we didn't clear up,but since we did,its all good now. Have a nice day sweetheart. (:

Monday, May 23, 2011


" This goes out to all of the people who have been broken but have been strong enough to let go. For the people who have hurt so badly that they felt they could never love again, but kept their head up. For those who feel like going back to their old lover would put all the pieces back where they belong and everything would fit, but accept the cold hard truth instead. For the people that learn from their mistakes and never stop moving forward, even when they take two steps back. For the people that wish loneliness wasn’t a part of them, but put up with it anyhow. For the people that are okay with taking up all of the room in the bed, even if sometimes it feels a little empty. For the people who wake up in the morning with no missed calls, but smile anyway. For the people that periodically miss the past, but are so much more excited for the future. For the people that have wounds still healing. For the people that have so much tied to their past relationship, but break those chains to start fresh. For the people that want to look back so badly, but focus on the road ahead. For the people that pick up the phone so tempted to call, but keep their dignity in tact instead. For the people that never wanted to let go, but had to. For the people that still believe in love even after all of the hurt their heart has endured. For all the people that gave up not because they were weak, but because most times it’s better just to let go. We’ll get our happy ending someday. "

Dear God,

Bless her with a long life and more long long years to come,take good care of her and cure her if possible. Whats done cannot be undone,but I know you'll always bless those with a good heart. Its a circle of life,but I'm pretty sure its not time yet. She's safe under your good hands,I know she is.

They can take everything away,but they can never take yesterday.

Cause when I'm with you,I can forget the world.
You make my heart feel full and everything just seems such a better place.

Very good morning to one and all still awake at this Godly hour,its Monday right now. Guess those who are schooling and working getting the Monday blues already huh? Well,lets just update with my past week. Pretty much ups and downs as you can see in my WORDY FULL OF ANGST AND SO MUCH SADNESS post,well my week hasn't been running well,on the emotional side,but on the other hand its been pretty refreshing. I really don't know how to explain this but I felt refreshed somehow,got to meet up with wangzx,Sup. berry,Joey and of course my beloved Beepsy. With a blink of an eye,another week has passed. I'm starting to feel like time isn't slowing down for me but instead its running FASTER AND FASTER. Wished times could slow down and I wished times would stop and remain where it was,but! That's truly impossible,so yeap. Been pretty satisfied with amount of things I did this week,I got my phone BLINGED or so called ZHNGED well its just a little diamond at the back of my cover,so yeap. I got my hair done as well,cut and coloured. MY HAIR,IS REALLY,SHORT,NOW. ): ALSO! I got a new bag,online,which would be arriving next week,and posted to me the week after. Cannot wait. BUT THE LAST BUT NOT LEAST,mummy finally decided on getting me a friggin air-conditioner in my room,SAY WHUT!? Yeap! A to the I to the R - to the C to the O to the N to the D to the I to the T to the I to the O to the N to the E to the R. AIR CONDITIONER. Yupp,oh and I caught "Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides" with my boy today! Pretty good show,the absolute perfection of the looks of the mermaids. And and anddddddddddd,I found a new pair of martenz to ogle at HAHAHAHA,SIGHHHHHH ):
So pretty isn't it???? Perhaps imma bit slow,but I can't PEEL my eyes off this pair.
Alright,so I said my pretty baby girl Roxy was back in town and she just flew back to Aussie on Saturday. Time flies when you're having fun,sigh. Well,I'm glad that she came back and we had so much HTH talks. Its like reliving the good old times when we had so much to talk about during our school days. So we had a farewell dinner for her on Friday at RWS's Chilies,awesome time cause I get to meet my pretty pretty school mates. So here's the photos and goodnight all! Have a great week ahead! X

Why she so pretty,why??????