Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's not always rainbows and butterflies,

It's compromise that moves us along. 

Happy leap year everyone. So...its been 4 years now. Nothing has changed,perhaps only in the perception of the way I see things and react to situations have. Making a choice now seems harder than just a yes or a no,but out of everything something outweighs your decision once you've decided on it and then again you re-decide. This month of February has been hard,missed school more than I expected I will. Whatever happened to the will to not miss school. Wasted my January efforts down the drain,then again music is just gonna fail me anyway. Wasted another Sem doing nothing but shit. It's hard to know you have so much going on yet no one actually knows how hard it is for you right now.

Thank God for Gabriel,but the nation keeps taking him away from me. Why isn't national service optional in Singapore! Been eating too much lately to contain my unhappiness. Life is so hard right now. March please be good. I am counting on you for good attendance and good working hours. One more month and perhaps 2 weeks and a half more of school and I'm done with year one. I want to make Year 2 a better one. Self,PLEASE DON'T DISAPPOINT ME.

Friday, February 24, 2012

So keep breathing,cause I'm not leaving you anymore.

This month has been overwhelming. &Its about to end. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Where all regrets lie,

Its Tuesday today,Happpy Valentines day to all. Suppose to be the sweetest day ever this week,but NO.
Sick and home missing school so much this month,I ought to be dragged out and skinned alive,really. Really not enjoying the time at home which is really a waste of my time.

This has been a torturous month,not one I really enjoyed. I hope this month passes and gets over quick. Two more days until Gabriel's booking out again. And three more days till tutorial week. Alright time to get serious with school. Till then when I'm done with this dreadful month. Happy Valentines day to all. X

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tryna figure out this night,

I'm suppose to be sleeping by now since its 12:26 am and I have school tomorrow at 8:45 which kinda sucks cause I'm not in the mood for anything and everything but I'll be missing school twice this week and this is not my aim. Which sucks cause then again,I'm drained. I don't know how,but I am DRAINED DEAD TIRED. I didn't even go to school today so I don't know how I'm so tired. Anyway,I did improvisation's homework! Fucking damn proud about it,cause........I don't usually do my homework? But that aside,its homework,I AM SUPPOSE TO DO IT.

I have been really frustrated but my worries always comes from nothing. In the end,I worry over stupid things like I mentioned in my most recent post. Everything happens for a reason and for anything to happen there's a cause.

Regrets are made by stupid people like me,but who am I to blame? But sincerely,myself.

This blog is honestly too dead,either it doesn't get updated or its filled with words. Seriously,I don't know why I'm even keeping it. Shall consider putting it to sleep then..

I miss G and days I get to sleep like no one's problem. BUT NOW? Everything's different. Well,one week till tutorial week meaning I get to rest for an entire week! But of course I know I have to go back to make up for my lessons but then again,who doesn't miss sleeping in on a Monday morning,school's a chore sometimes. But for the love and passion,hold on.

Alright goodnight sweethearts,hope you'll have a good night and a good week. For dancers,hope this week gives you better enlightenment to your movements and training. X