Monday, January 28, 2013

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


This post goes out to the boy,that loves me with all his heart,that tells me,he can never imagine life without me,cheesy as it is,he's the boy that has stayed,no matter how hard I was to handle,no matter how much I piss him off that he admits he regrets being with me all those times,but at the end still stays. For reassuring me every single day how much you love me. 

Happy 22nd Birthday,these 2 years have been more than we expected,more than we've hoped for. I know this year's Birthday isn't amazing,and not much of fun for you,but I really hope me being there with you,still makes up for it. I know I'm not wonderful at birthday surprises and stuff and I really can't afford to give you a lavish birthday celebration,I just want you to know that I am sorry. It bugs me that I can't do all that for you&I wished half the time I could. I love you sweetheart,with everything I have,I wish you a very Happy Birthday. May your hopes and dreams come true,you've been amazing,thank you for everything. With lots of love, X 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

You think you know me,but you're dead wrong.

Everytime,I open up this page,I have no idea what to put in it. EVERYTIME. I just sit infront of the laptop for hours,hopping round other websites just figuring what I should type here.

But today,I had a really bad day. It almost seems like I was going berserk at some point. Nothing is ever easy. &this is me , at 4:09 am , typing this out. 

I know I'm not the perfect person everyone wants to be,and of course,who doesn't wish they were perfect,but it is a fact,that no one is. I cannot say I have been the most wonderful friend everyone wished they had,because for a fact I know I'm not. I have my bitch moments,unpleasing moments. I put up a hard front most of the time and I'm definitely not sociable. I think many can vouch for that. Right now,I want to apologize to my darlings,for the times I've been rude,irresponsible,and all that bullshit I give ( I know I've a hell lot of bullshit). I really want to say I'm sorry,I know with the girls,we talk about how others just seem so bitchy and hateful , we speak of them like dirt. I have to admit,I'm not even close to being a wonderful friend. Sometimes,I wish I could be better. 

A special note to Joey, 
I can't be thankful enough to know,you would drop anything you're doing now,just to rush over to see me if I was down. I never thought our friendship would go that far. you're flying off tomorrow,so please be safe and come home soon. X

So for the past few days,I've been out ALMOST everyday,except the day I fell sick and missed out on an awesome movie with the dears. Also,Jacq's Aussie friend came to Singapore to visit her,we've made a new friend! Also the day we had Genki sushi and caught "Gangster Squad", which was, good? Anyhow,its time for bed now and I think I really need to change my body clock back. 

Goodnight sweethearts, X

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Like this,the whole fucking day. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nearly the same,

"Never regret anything,because at one time,it was exactly what you wanted."

Hello Tuesdays,


Its an early Tuesday morning&I really don't know what to type but I've got the pictures for Ken's POP last Saturday up! Caught his parade with the love,Joey,Vic and Dee! Got up early at 530 am! Was almost late,but got there just in time. At the end of the parade headed down to congratulate the newly passed out recruit Ken and of course a group photo with the rest who were there but were sitting some place else! 

Photos of the day! 

Friday! Finally met up with my pretty baby girl. And finally got pictures with her after forgetting all the times we were out on a date..... So it was a shopping day and dinner date for us two! With Kitson along with Joey , who came later in the day!

So today I headed out to meet the girls and Ralph! And of course made a trip to my newly found place to shop at, StyleDasher ,located at Scape Underground. Got this outerwear which is really super comfy?! Its in grey leopard prints,which is reversible! You can wear it on a side which is printed,or the other side which is furred,and the material is super soft and it really keeps you warm and it goes well with almost everything! Can't wait to wear it out on a rainy day!

 (Please excuse the horrendous mess in my room&my face. 
But its hard not to camwhore with something so pretty!)

&Its now 3 in the morning,hungry as hell and so so so LAZY. I really hate this. I need to set my body clock back to normal,need to get back to school soon. Life is such. Time to get noodles. 

Goodnight/morning sweethearts! X