Monday, July 30, 2012


Photos from Vicky's 20th Birthday party and the weekend! 
Zirca and Attica on Friday with the girls. 
I'm really lazy to type now,so I'll leave you guys with the pictures! Have a good week! X


Its almost 24 months now. The amount of time we've spent together isn't enough to count with our fingers and toes added together. The many things we go through together and all that we've fight to be together.

I can never say how much this really matters to me. It's a mutual sacrifice to be with one another.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Another year of Fabulous for,

My bunny @vickyballz ! 
Happy 20th Birthday Baby girl,with lots and lots of love,hugs and kisses. 
You finally turn 20! Now we're just left with Beeps HAHA. See you later bunny. Xo

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our first video!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Emotional Attachment,

As a few of you already know that I won't be returning to school cause of private reasons. And for that I'm dedicating this post to all those I love in school.

My dearest Gladys Simaling ,
its was this time of the year last year that we had the worst impression of one another. Haha,remember how I used to think you're unbelievably noisy and hyper active. You,on the other hand didn't have the best impression of me. Or rather,you hated my guts. HAHA. Can't believe how close we are to each other now and how we always remind each other to not skip school so often. But yet,still always do it. Hahaha I love you and your stupid nonsense,like how we can just laugh at anyone on the streets,jinx each other by saying the exact same thing at the same time,doing the same stupid things together,irritate Laoshi together and laugh so hard that we can barely breathe. Hang out so much together so often its like we're together 24/7. I cannot believe that I'm not going to get to do that anymore,take trains to work with you,take trains home with you,run to school together with you & do all those stupid nonsense with you. Have so much fun with you that its almost criminal. Please remember to not skip school so often,GO UP TO BALLET LEVEL 3 by the end of the term! Help me finish my dreams of going to level 4 by the end of year 3 HAHA. Dreams that I will never get to realize,thank you for making my year in Nafa so memorable,so much fun and unforgettable. PLEASE LOOK AFTER YOUR KNEE&REMEMBER NOT TO EAT SO MUCH BREAD! <3

Dearest Ange,
Haha how do I start. Remember on orientation day,you wore matching contacts with your bag. PURPLE. You started talking to me by asking me " Where you buy your contact lense from ah?" "What colour is your contact lense?" HAHA Ange why are you so cute? I will always remember how I am so irritating to you sometimes and the look you give me when I get so retarded in class. I will miss SBT with you cause its always the both of us ending up with the same partner,from the first SBT class together,till the last one I had. You and your korean fanatic things,I don't know how its going to be like if I don't have you and Gladys to irritate anymore. Please remember to look after your ankle! When its always hurting during SBT. You have been so much fun Ange,I can't imagine how I can't get to irritate you as often as an everyday thing anymore. <3

Dearest Ru,
My very first FRIEND in Nafa. We have so many mutual friends like only we lived in Singapore and we're the only Y generation around. Haha,never expected something like that to become so much more than I expected it to be. Remember you being the only person I used to talk to in school during the first few weeks till I met Simaling and the rest. Then we barely talked for awhile and had differences then talk again like we've just met yesterday. Don't know where we find all the things to talk about,don't know how we have so many things to talk about. I'm going to miss all these for sure. Thank you for making me believe that no one will think I'm a weirdo in school, HAHA my worries before I started Nafa thinking everyone will think I'm weird but no,I made friends with all the weirdos so I don't look weird. HAHA <3

&To the rest of the people whom I'll never forget,Euge,Terry,Gera and so on and so forth. I will miss ALL you guys. FOR FUCKING SURE. I am going to miss dancing with all of you,being stupid with all of you & EVERY DAMN THING WE DID IN SCHOOL. Thank you all for making my year in Nafa so much fucking fun though I regret still that I'll never get to do that with all of you again. Take good care of yourselves! You all are such great dancers in your own ways,always believe in yourselves. LOVE YOUR POINTE SHOES. HAHA I don't know if I'm just weird but I have emotional attachment to my shoes so yes, LOVE YOUR SOFT SHOES,POINTE SHOES,CANVAS SHOES,DEMI POINTE SHOES. Don't know since when have I grown such an emotional attachment to you guys and I don't know how it got this strong but I love you all very much,FUCK. I think I sound really gay here but I really love you guys. For all the lectures we fell asleep in,the poses we give when we fall asleep,stupid fucking Japanese Porn star,drunk music teacher. Can never ever replace all these memories in wherever I will go next. You guys are one of the few most amazing dancers I've danced with <3 Keep dancing.

Lastly,to all the wonderful lecturers I had,Mr Teichmann for being so caring all the time,Ms Chien though you're so SLOW and talk a wee bit too much but you are so precise I'm thankful I've ever got the chance to learn from you,Ms Leong for giving the most amazing frappe combinations, that make my feet ache like no tomorrow. Zhou Lin Lao Shi,HAHA I'm sorry I irritate you so much but I'm really thankful to have learned so much from you,all the times you make me repeat over and over again,the same steps just for me to get it and making classes so entertaining. Mr Toru,for being forever so patient no matter how long and forever I take to remember my steps. This is really too much memory to lose and I never will.