Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Sun,Sand and Water.

Sentosa,with Beh's family! (:

Saturday,28th Feb 2009.
10.18pm. (:
Sentosa in the late morning with Beh,
With her family and all there,Super hillarious!haha.
Her Aunty is super funny,
She thinks andro's are hotter than most guys.HA!
*talks about andro andro.
1st aunty asks: Andro is what?
she replies: Nehh,Rachael going nafa to be ballerina,then must ENROL loh.
*All laughs! uber hillarious. :D
Played Dog&Bone,Rugby,V.ball and wrestling!lol
Ohoh,and guessing games.Haha
I got a Mickey Pencil as a prize,*smiles.
Anyway,after headed Ps to have our late lunch.
walked around then headed to Far east,
and bought some stuffs.
Then headed home,well my skin is burning now!
Get well soon,B. *hugs!

Okay,ART NOW. -.-

Today's ,

&this is for Adeline,miss you truckloads.

For every little thing you hold on to,
you've got to let something else go.

(From Adeline's)

Tomorrow, Love (:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009



Sunday, February 22, 2009

Number 143,

SDT auditions was kinda fun,
in a weird way,but we were all so screwed up-.-
haha,go there waste space only.

I'm at Baby's house now,
well,leaving to meet Beh&Kayve soon.
Movie time! alrights,shall blog again.
Till then,Byeeee.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Like this,always.

Today is F.R.I.D.A.Y (:

School was a definate slack day,
so slack like as if o's were over.

Something funny by Liz today,
she talks with the slang,

*fan blowing at her,
Liz: Its
rather chilly
Me: then why on the
Liz: If not it'll be
Me: -.-
and just the day before,

*Liz doing her work.
Liz: Why are you not doing your
work pong pong?
Me: lazy lah.
awhile later,
Liz: lets see,i'm at my last
question alr...*paused for a moment,
and you haven't even started.

Well anyway,after school headed home with beh.
Took lrt home,Saw Nessa Swinn in mrt station.
Yes Nessa how sweet of you to accompany me,lol (:
you and your lame excuses,haha.
Went home,bathed and got changed,
went to meet Beh,and then met baby at cine.

I got my belly stud changed,total yayness.
and its not thinning! :D
okays,today was a shopping spree with beh tan.
$$.(this reminds me of vivian,haha don't kill me if you see this) :D
she's obsessed with money,even monopoly's money. -.-
had dinner at Ps,walked around for awhile,and now i'm home.

Tomorrow with beh for dental appointment,@11.30am!
thats like freakin' early.*gives a face.
well,i need my new pointe shoe still
they don't have my size!
Shipping in late march,
okay,i'm kinda done here,
so yupp,bye.

Urgh! SDT auditions!*shivers.

oh btw,Grossified. -.-

I would be happy everyday,just like this. (:

Thursday, February 19, 2009


smiley faces Pictures, Images and Photos

Today was kinda great.

School was alright,though nevertheless its still VERY boring.
and tiring.PE was exceptionally fun today! Oh did i mention very violent too?
i can't believe i'm saying this,but J,
you're very violent for such a quiet person.
My feet still hurts till now. -.-
Alright anyway,had a long talk for CD period,
Cally was asking me questions on New moon,lol
&i think if you'd ask Nadia,she would be in more detail haha.
Went to meet Ms Goh after school,
i cannot believe i went to apply for the SDT dance thing,
And there is POINTE WORK,god save me.
Well,Adina,Kaiyuan will be joining too! yayness.
Huimin,answer me ASAP! (:

&We're all gonna miss Dance class this sunday.
lol i miss another lesson.
I smell food,hungry!abit.
tomorrow is friday! :D

Love's coming over,yay! :)
Oh i changed blogskin colour,
&i'm DAMN happy about it,unique-ness.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not much of a day,

School was not as awesome,
well,i hope everything gets better, :(

i'm in no mood now,bye.

This can go on,i hope all will be fine soon. :(
Jmm,be happy again can?i missyour crapshits. :((

Sunday, February 15, 2009

With love,

Valentines was awesome yesterday, (:
Beh&Kayve came over in the afternoon,
then baby came over too. (:
Left house around 5 plus and bused to far east,
waited for Jmm,Saw Nessa Swinn.LOL
walked to Cine after Jomama came,
saw Munkie,Shanice and co at Foodcourt.
Baby,beh&kayve ate,then went to get baby's present,
and Saw Vic wee!
After went back to cine to meet Jomama,
cause we left her at cine,opps!
It was packed at cine,waited around for Hansa to come.
Alrights,then headed to Punggol for Supper :D
left for home around 1 plus. (:

Hope you like the cards,babies!

&Thankyou for the flowers with rabbits,Baby (:
loveyou to the extream.*hugs.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines,loves.

Happy Valentines,all! (:
14th Feb 2009.

School was not much of fun yesterday though,
but was alright.
After school headed to compass with Melanie and rouying. (:
then home,changed and met b at mrt station,and waited for beh.
Went to Suntect to wait for Kayve,then off to eat at 7 plus,
Pong's laksa again. Then walked around and went to Cine.
Saw Shanice and friends,& -.
Supper at macs,and homed.

Thanks for all the presents lovelies. :D
And Especially Rox's chocolate muffin!
Cute&yummy,though i only had a bite. (:
Presents will give on monday. (:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

hi everyone.
im missmel

this pong here forgot to sign out of her blogger.
so i changed her header picture :p

love you la beh!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Morning Beh.

Alrights,currently at Bt's house,
watching her sleep&she finally woke up.

Left me alone in her dark room for 1 and a half hours. :(
i almost moulded away,and she finally woke up,
okay,she's back to sleep. :(
leaving me all alone again.. :(
okay,i'm done here,bye.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Pavilion on friday,-.-

went for a hair cut yesterday,
so some of you would be like "AHHH finally"
alright so it was hair cut day yesterday,
and,went to beh's house for steamboat dinner.
Then went home with baby. (:

Alright, so today is kind of a stay home day.
Beh came over for awhile then left.
So now i'm home.
And i am very very sad. BLOODY HELL.

photos for Pavilion and yesterday's outing.

&last but not least,the most adorable,b! :D

&if you want retarded photos of me,
go to Jmm's blog.she totally ruined my reputation.-.-

Alrights,i very sad now :(

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hell for the next half a year,

School was especially boring today,
you're really making me starting to want to quit school
Anway,pictures from Shanice's birthday. (:

Haha Munkie,you think you funny?

After sooo long,they never changed one

Alright,the end.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy 14th's (:

Happy 14th Months,baby (:
Iloveyou, very, extreamly much.

&Happy 14th Birthday in Advance Shanice,
Thanks for the invitation (:

Alrights,yesterday was fine.
rotted at home for almost the whole day,
then headed to Bedok to meet B,Beh and JOmama.
Went to Shanice's birthday then,finally met up with
Munkie phua,lol you're still the same!
Left around 10.30,suppose to bus home
but missed the last bus,
so cabbed,even worse.
couldn't catch a cab,that left Kiefer going bonkers
and dancing techtonic in the middle of the road,
try maybe to catch some cab drivers attention?lol

Okay till here,i'm going to eat&finish up my essay!
Pictures when gotten from Jmm :D