Thursday, August 28, 2014

Feelin' Lucky,

Fully armed in Styledasher.
Accessories : Balenciaga , Pandora , Styledasher
Photo Creds : Desiree 

Hello Wednesdays, camping once again at Gabby's place. He's asleep right now and I should be too, but I just seem to be very awake at awkward timings like this. Anyhow, I've been trying to update this space as much as I can not to leave it empty, or dusty in another words. &I'll try to get the photos I've taken recently soon, need to stop being so lazy with photos and get a new portable cam! Money money money, its good being back to school, but its better earning money I guess. 

Alright, I'll try to head back to bed or continue watching my dramas, which I've been so addicted to recently. I wanna go tanning, anyone? 

In the meanwhile, stay beautiful and have a great Thursday! X

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Girl, do you even know how to play this game? 

You're upset now that I made the fact a statement that you cannot handle? Stating the facts that you're not as good as your think you fucking are at playing this game? You're not that big of a deal as you think or you would like to fucking be. Don't think so highly of your stupid self and please bring your arrogant ass some place else.

I'm not even trying to say I'm really good at playing this game or whatsoever, at least I don't fucking behave like some superior mofo being all godlike in front of you do I? Everyone came just to relax and have a good time to socialise, yet you decided on being an arrogant prick , giving people some funky ass attitude, like 

Don't give me that "you're all high and mighty" bullshit. Behaving like an imbecile , speaking in your dialect, I understand your main language is chinese/hokkien, BUT DOES 老娘 LOOK LIKE I SPEAK HOKKIEN TO YOU? DON'T TELL ME YOU DON'T SPEAK ENGLISH? Cause I've obviously heard you speaking....Its like having a friend of another ethnic who isn't chinese and is the only one who doesn't speak chinese but yet you just continue conversing in chinese to your other groupies despite your friend not being able to understand (sorry for the repetitive amount of times I said the word chinese BUT SERIOUSLY), do you not have basic social manners? How fucken rude. I can't even begin to comprehend the way you actually behave as a lady. 

Thinking of stepping over my head? Think again, you little minx. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Joey's 22nd, (SUPER BELATED)

Good Morning Tuesday!

Throwing wayyyyyyyy back to Joey's 22nd Birthday , celebrated at Siloso Beach Resort Sentosa. Have had this space empty for far too long, so I guess its time to clear up the dust again. We celebrated Joey's birthday in advance this year before her actual day as she was away on holiday then, & JUST FOR INFORMATION SILOSO BEACH RESORT SENTOSA IS TERRIBLE. 

1. BAD , I MEAN HORRIBLY BAD PHONE RECEPTION, NO 3G, NO NETWORK. Couldn't receive any calls or messages the entire time we were in the hotel room. 

2. BAD WINDOW VIEW. We were practically facing a pile of ...... rubbish. LITERALLY GARBAGE. 

That was more than enough , how can we not have any network at all???? Anyhow, we made do with what we had and just headed out to Mambo to get some sun and a few drinks. Roxy and Kitson joined us later on, and the rest came over as I went to catch Zach's choir recital. I came back just as they finished dinner over at resort world. So we headed back to hang out for a little longer, then the rest had to leave. So we caught a short movie and then headed to bed. 

Checked out early next morning. Having had the worst experience there ever. In another words, I wouldn't head back there ever again. 

Visuals for the birthday!

Missing the lash extensions I got from Grace, waking up has never felt so pretty! 
Lift shot!

With the girls (:
Joey, Glenda, Melissa, Roxy!
Photo Credits to Joey!

Alright, gonna head back to catching up with Ghost Adventures S9, till then again, when I receive the other photos I've taken recently!

Stay Beautiful&Have a great Tuesday! X