Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Its sucks.

You know what?
I hate being home.
It just sucks,Yes alot.

Beh did her shopping yesterday,
didn't get my something special,
i'm a havoc kid,My baby is ultra mega ultimately cool now,
awwww,My Handsome baby?Ya it needs that something special also to make it,
DA BOMB :D Haha,alright yesterday something funny happend.
let me tell you what (:

We (baby,beh&i) were at cine,
beh needed to get her dress,
we walked towards blossoms,
she said she didn't feel like buying today,
i said she might not be in time to get it,
if she doesn't do it today.
&therefore,asking her to try on some,
at least she has a few in mind.
Beh : WALAO EH! YOU ALL VERY IRRITATING LAH,I SAID DON'T WANT ALR RIGHT!I'M GOING HOME NOW!(walks away really fast,vanished in the crowd)
baby runs after her,i take my time to walk.
So now,everyone in the right mind would think we're angry with each other.
We walked apart from each other,for quite awhile,almost reaching Ps.
B was trying to help us make peace.(she was like a toy) how funny (:
Before crossing over to ps,we made up.
This is how it happened.
B:what happened,you know she's like that one uh.
Me:Ya i know,i'm not angry with her.
Behbeh walks near me,
Me:you tell me why you angry?
Beh laughs.
Me:i walked away cause i needed time,TO AWAKE FROM MY SHOCK.
and give you time to cool down.
Beh said baby sucked at making peace for us,
HAHA.Okay we made up (:
End of story. :D

This is crazy,i have very explosive girlfriends. *opps.
yes,my something special today! :DDDDDDDD

Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm going out today! :D
Imma happy kid :D

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cause you're just not suited for it.

I don't want to start a whole chunk all over again.
No i don't,so DO NOT make me do it.
You fucking imposter.

Churched in the morning,
breakfast,then to turf city for birthday lunch,
seafood seafood seafood! *smiles.
alright then after headed home.
Dozed off awhile,just had dinner,
waiting for b.

Outing with Beh and b tomorrow for Baby's haircut.
&yes for my special something too (:
plus behbeh's ultimate mega shopping,
hello,laptop please?Pink vaio. :D
Okays,thats the end.

how long more do i have to wait?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

For Christmas,

Merry Christmas&Happy Belated Mum.

Christmas eve at Adeline's place,
then over to town to meet up with Baby,Beh,Jo,Jess&friends.
Counted down there,and happen to be fucking unlucky to get foam sprayed-.-
alright,then headed back to punggol for supper at beh's house,CENTURY EGG PORRIDGE! :D
&Thanks for the presents Babies (: much love.

Christmas day at Andre's place.
Alright,now i'll start descrbing his new place.
FUCKING HUGE HOUSE,with swimming pool!
Transparent glass flooring! Huge mirrors!
Big transparent windowwsssss,veryvery big toilets!
with super big bath tubsssss. AND CEILING WINDOW!!
Yes,and its fucking niceeeee,okays
swam with pool full of guys,and had fun there running up and down.
Exchange of presents! :D
Dinner was great over there,as usual.
Photos can't be uploaded yet,damn the new printerrrrr-.-

2nd Day of christmas,
Happy Birthday Mum.
Out with beh and baby yesterday,
Got b's christmas present,then headed to ps to have dinner.
Then after to Kovan to collect behs sflo.
Homed. (:

Outing with babies later,maybe.
and dinner with mum and dad.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Presentssssss :D

Outings today with Girlfriends,
and complete of present shopping(:
Chirstmass eve tomorrow! :DDDDDD

Monday, December 22, 2008

Chirstmasssssss (:

Met up with Delia&Beat last Sat(:
Its been a long time,then headed to work with Delia,
Accompanied her for some shopping! :D
then went back to work for awhile,
After headed to Far east for some chirstmas shopping,
but came out with nothing,so went for Pong's Laksa (:
Then b came to find us,then we walked around and trained home.

Met up with cous last Friday too,send them off for cruise (:
Alright,so i'm heading for christmas shopping with baby later.
She's awake and i'm gonna bathe soon.

I miss my sunshine ):

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Congrats to all who passed! :D
& TO MY BABIES ,haha yes we passed.lol

Monday, December 15, 2008

Omg,my results! :D

Its the 15th December today,
Monday,and currently 2.15pm.

Work last week wasn't bad,Sales were out of the question.
Had new friends again this week,*smiles wide wide :D
Alrights,Jackie was being an asshole,*NO GROUP GATHERINGS!-.-
So we had to disappear when we see her.ARSE CLOWN.

Hmm,Might be over at b's place tonight,maybe not.
Beh's still not awake,I NEED TO GO CHRISTMAS SHOPPING.
Where is my fucking pay?! ROARS HOYU! ):
I want a dog,i want a dog,i want a dog!Anyone?

Kingcharles! :D

Oh yes,my results would be OUT this coming thursday.
I don't feel a single thing,well i'm praying that i fail though,
Alright maybe not fail,or rather i hope i don't go back to SEC 5.
Its such a horror.I want to study something else instead.Hor behbeh?
haha,i'm thinking of my christmas wishlist now,
Why is everyone still sleeping?! Except for my one and only Baby Jo. (*haha)

*Jo,i still love you very much okay!omg,you're so gonna be mine.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH.Jojo you are all mine.
(*laughs laughs laughs)

Oh ya,i heard of this person who is super contradicting herself.
Haha,yes beh we know :D
How can you be panicking and couldn't careless at the same time?
Or is it you just want to spend the time typing something even you yourself don't understand?
(Its even to chim for Beh&I to understand-.-)
How is it that you don't sound "ENGLISHY" even when you tried so hard.LAUGHS*

Bottom line: You are not meant to be one,
and you just can't make yourself into one.
I know you're gonna have tons of reasons for yourself,
What The Fuck okay,
I couldn't careless,you're just so FUCKED UP&A PAMPERED SHIT.
I'm not gonna start panicking on the same post about being copied,no i'm not like you :P
NEH NI NEH NI POO POO*sticks out tongue,wriggles fingers on my nose!

Oh if you need to know what i'll be getting next,
i'll post up a list for you.
So you can happy go shopping for it!
I'm into leaopard prints now, so you want?!?!?!?!?
"Like flower"-.-

Okay i'm done here (:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our Love Story,

Met Behbeh yesterday for some shopping,
Well,she did hers (:
Got her heels,& She spent a hell lot of time choosing her size,
&Damn her feet are small.*laughs.
Went to get my chippy after,
OHOHOH,guess who i sawwwww ?!?!
ITS.......CHICKEN! :D (Huimin if you see this,LAUGH!)
haha,her Drastic pink dressing is seriously,Blinds me.
Bird Nest HEAD! :P
Anyway,we walked round finding behbeh's dress,
but nothing caught her eye.Yeah,NOTHING.
So took bus to Tampmall,Beh sure had fun! :D
Someone teach me the T shaped shuffle thing?
Hmm,Yes TP's arcade no DJJJ,fuck mans.
alrights,then decided to wait for Mr Neo to end work,
And bused home with behbeh,and Yellow top.
Headachee man,so went to bed early.

Morning got my card done (:
Then went to get my contacts yo! :D
haaaaa,and i'm going to b's house soon.
Byebye all (:

Christmas is so coming,I'm EXCITED! :D
yes i'm very excited,Presents (:

Monday, December 8, 2008


I found this photo in my phone,must be someone who took it.lol

Dead Tired.
Didn't have the time to update.
Well work this week isn't that bad,
Sales was good (:

Its a cold day today,
i'm veryvery cold.
anyway,my week was spent with Baby,beh(:
Last week of work this week alr,
haha,finally my break.
YES!Alright heading out to meet baby soon.

Well,i'm home now.
Just got home,i'm so bored.
And outing tomorrow with behbeh&wifey (:
Baby's having her test tomorrow,Good luck b! (:
Alrights,i must have my outings with my NAFA-ians!
My long break is gonna be over soon,fucckkkk. ):

Okays,i want my baobao baby! :(
Babiesss,outing tomorrow ahhh,i want to go SING-SONG.
Oh no! i want to DJ man behbeh! :D
yes,that shall be it.

And Nafa-ians Please date me! (:
we need an outing with Beeeeschhhhhh mandy SOON!
Alright,i'm so gonna discuss my plan with Jacq~


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy 1 Year Baby.❤

Happy 1 Year to us! :D
iloveyou veryvery much b!❤

& to Behbeh&Jw happy 3rd! :D
lots of love. (:

Watched Beverlyhills Chihuahua with b last sun!
Cute show,well spent day with baby! :D

Tanning with Babies yesterday,
hahaa,funfun.Babies day yo! :D
Went shopping at Bs later on,omgomgomg money is spent lah dhey.
I need my pay! ):
Went home around 1o plus,haha behbeh BAO JING TIAN YOU KNOW!
Eat Breadtalk bread right beh (: HA!
Photos uploaded @ Lj. (:

Thanks wifey!

Baby is going home to eat maggie now,tsk!
But going to her house later(:
Yayness,imissmysillyb. lalas.

Behbeh,lets go ear piercing with Jo! hahahahahahahahah.
misses babies.