Friday, September 30, 2011

Break every rule,there's nothing between you and your dreams.

School has been a real torture for me. Having to wake up at early hours in the morning just isn't what I want. Well the happy thing is , it's Friday! Finally the weekends are here. I neeeeeeed to get some rest I'm so so, exhausted. So since iPhone finally has a blogger app I would be able to update even without my laptop! Some say mobile technology is getting better and better each day. Alrighties,I shall go get some shuteye now. X

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Confessions of a pinkaholic,

So well I went a little shopping today besides going to school and yupp,pink fills me up. I also have Scottie on my phone now,haha k kidding! Back to school tomorrow again. Goodnight y'all. X

Sunday, September 25, 2011

We speak no americano,

Back to school tomorrow. Sigh,why do holidays pass so quickly

Monday, September 19, 2011

First day of my 3 days holidays.
Fuck yeah blogger app for iPhone. \m/

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bow chicka WOW WOW?!

So I found out my boyfriend's other name is called Ning Nicodemus Koh. I AM SURPRISED.

"Well basically, my family travel the world. My dad has this importing and exporting business around the world so we move to different countries at least every three years. I've been to Scotland, Michigan, Turkey, Hong Kong and even Sydney! And I'm kinda enjoying it. I like drama and all that kind of stuff and I love reading! My older introduced books to me when I was like 5 or so? And since then, there is not a time I won't be found with a book in my hand. And that's how I found out about the Harry Potter Series. I also read other books like the twilight series, lord of the rings, Narnia chronicles, spiderwick chronicles and even the House of Night series.

I love all kinds of music, but i mostly enjoying listening to Paramore and Boys like Girls, although now I'm going through this phase of listening to Kpop (its Korean pop fyi). Examples of Kpop bands are DBSK, Girls Generation and 2pm. "

Firstly, his family doesn't travel the world and they don't move to different countries every 3 years cause from what I know,he has been staying in where he is for the past 20 years. SO FIRST POINT ALREADY FAIL.
Secondly,he has never been to Turkey,Michigan. FAIL,AGAIN.
Fourthly, HE HAS NEVER READ HARRY POTTER TWILLIGHT,NARNIA , SPIDERWICK CHORNICLES AND THE HOUSE OF NIGHT. I know these because he doesn't even know what to expect when he watches the movie with me? and I'm the one reading all these books,apart from HARRY POTTER? DOUBLE FAILURE. 
Fifth point,HE KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT KPOP HE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO NAME DBSK,2PM,well perhaps he knows Girls Generation cause of the pretty girls in there. But its not surprising at all isn't it? 

So well,if you wanna impose someone I suggest you brush up on their daily life before going all out and creating a beautiful blog and getting all the facts,WRONG. Trying to impose as someone and yet getting all the facts wrong , this is not all impressing young man. Its so sad you're so afraid of showing your real self and have to impose as others. 

My my,what people do these days. Don't these people have anything better to do? How imbecile. 

How such lifeless people actually entertain me and make me laugh on rainy days HAHAHA.


Penang 2011,