Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Soul Sister,

Merry Christmas everyone! Its actually,almost coming to an end,but I'm glad I've spent it quite well.
Here's some photos to brighten up my dust covered page! 

Finally a photo that almost does justice to the look of my nailz.

Christmas Slumber Party with the girls and Gabriel,sadly Beeps couldn't come. :/

You don't know how much hurt you can bring to someone,until you've stepped in their shoes.

Monday, December 17, 2012


Anyway,there's been something I want to type out for so long,just never had the time to. 

There's a saying - "Change is ever constant"

Everyday things change,from the weather to people. The one thing that never changes are photos,moments in those photos. Its so hard lately to stay the same , no matter how much you try, subconsciously you're changing anyway. I like taking pictures recently,cause thats the only thing that reminds you how much that moment meant to you. Also, I find it hard lately to keep sane. Good thing is I have Gabriel mostly 24/7 and waking up to my babies when I teach in the morning,they are my sunshines on the rainy days. The girls have been busy and its hard to meet up all at once now,everyone's busy working. 

Sometimes you find it so hard to just be who you want to be,because of the judgmental society we live in, you've to be the person everyone wants you to be. Its so sad to know you lose yourself bit by bit,to things that never use to matter. I wish I could say I've never changed , but I know in someway or another I have,be it the way I think,the way I act or just the way I am. I'm guilty of it. 

Maybe its true,that no matter how change has to take place.


So its finally another week and the second week of December is already over. I must say my week was well spent. From Zoukout 2012 , to meeting Jacqueline , to meeting Roxanne , and everything else that happened. Sadly the weekends are over and Gabriel finally has to book in again,which honestly feels kinda weird now,cause he hasn't book in to the army for so long...

Anyhow,the photos for the past week!

Zoukout 2012

 Finally meeting Jacqueline again!

 Random day with Gabriel and the girls.

 Janson's farewell party at Rebel before he enlists!