Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh yes,

Photobucket Beloved,Asshole (:

Hi all,
Its update time,cause my fellow reader Sam is asking for an update!
Alright,so this week as i have mentioned in the earlier post,was an awesome weekend!
Friday,outing with the usuals (:
Oh and yes,we caught Final Destination last minute!
Fucking gross to the maximum. *feels Disturbed once again.
But Awesome much! Saturday,was Carnival day!
Met up with Idiot,like finally! took her ages to get to school,
Dental,lunch so on and so forth.
Today,Ballet with Mandy! Omg you beestch! I finally get to see you.
I fucking miss this girl,like alot. (: So she did alot of photo taking,
and she took this super coolz one,i swear its (Y).
Whole family was home today! \m/
caught up with Andre and Alden,get to see my darling sunshine!
I learned "trust you" on piano within half an hour today,
Thanks Alden! (:
Met up with Asshole later in the night!

Alright,i'm heading to bed now.
Tomorrow is teachers day,FML.
Anyway,Happy Teacher's Day in advance!
To all my dearest teachers. (:
Photos will be in Fb! Blogger is way too slow to upload.
So grab it from there,will be uploading them soon! (:

Oh yes,
Just something before i leave this space.
Shut the fuck up already,
&Stop contradicting yourself,You oxy moron.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


My awesome weekend ahead? (:
Tomorrow is a friday,and i'm enjoying again!
And plus saturday,though i'm not suppose to be that happy about it?
but i'm still excited for saturday anyway,its school carnival,
and Jobaby is removing her spring! like finally, (:
And sunday? Sunshine's coming homeeeeeeeeeeee! yay me! hahaha.
Okay i'm fucking excited for the whole weekend,so baibai.
I'm gonna start chionging art! I'm so screwed if i don't.

Okay so the week was much fun too,
haha had a great school week though,
just got back from buffet! (:
I'm gonna head to do art nowwwww,goodnight and goodbye!

My sunshines are coming back this sunday! (:

The smile that could light up this whole town. (:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family Day + Orphan,

Caught "Orphan" today with Jojo,Jess,Dylan&Jeremy.
So met up with Jo at Bugis first,had lunch with her and uncle.
Walked around,then headed to Cathay to check timings,
bought tickets,then walked over to Heeren,
Got my another 450,sat at macs waited for the rest to come.
Cine for Movie later on (: okay,Orphan is saddist to the max.
I fucking swear upon my three fingers. -.
Esther is a saddist girl,i don't like herrrrrr! :(
Okayz,so chilled for awhile after the movie,and headed home with Jo&Co.
Dad came to pick me up at bishan! I'm fucking disturbed by Esther,
now i need to sleep with the lights on. :(
Alrights,i'm going to continue my tagging on fb again,
So goodnight luvs, (L). All photos tomorrow!
God,its going to rain. :( &sunshine's not coming back tomorrow Double :(

Peektures? (:

Lazy to upload again takes so long!
get them at Fb. (:

So what? _l_

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Best,

This adorable sweetie,i missed the entire week (:

ION with the best yesterday,
had tons of fun and great photo taking sessions. (:
Meimei came along again! Totally love her,
Alrighties,so First headed to meet Bwife at pasir ris,
then off to town,had lunch at wisma,hokkien meeee.
LOL Vicky the hungry Ghost,brother came to meet us,
followed by catcat,Joey,meimei,zz and new friend Amanda.
walked around wisma, Sam came to meet us,followed by Dad.
then headed to ION,practically spent the whole day there.
Super Berry and Marilyn came to meet us! (:
Plus Bear! for awhile,gosh i miss bear.
over to FEP,brother came back to meet us for awhile,
then we headed over to Bliss,
Chilled with Super Berry,Cat,Sam and Amanda.
And Cat cabbed me home (: once again,thanks! luv chu.
&Roxy and Girlie totally brightened up my day.
Cause Roxy send me a picture of the girl i missed the whole week. (:
Hookup,you are (L). Missed you today,see you next friday!

Alrights,photos i shall upload when i'm back tonight,
i'm uploading them in Fb now,can grap from there.
Today is just another oh so awesome day. (:

So where has love gone,will i ever reach it?
The cape of storms,echo's the pain i feel inside.