Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Its one in a million , the chances of feeling the way we do.

"No mountains too high&no oceans too wide.
Even a thousand miles,can't keep us apart,cause my heart is wherever you are.
So let it rain let it pour what we have is worth fighting for.
You know I believe,that we were meant to be."

It could be so nice,growing old with you.

So I spent my entire week,working,partying with my girls and also Mahjong with the MSC Crew. To much of an enjoyable weekend,which also caused my lack of sleep. So badly. So partied at Zirca/Rebel on Friday night with Zavier,Jon and the girls,finally Ralph managed to join us! Saturday with my boy,who booked out only that morning and of course the Mahjong that night with the crew. Then on Sunday was Zachary's birthday! (HAVE YOU EVER IMAGINED MANY BOYS RUNNING UP AND DOWN THE STAIRS SCREAMING? GOD. THAT WAS HELL.) Seems like everything is so much of fun! But I am so drained,work tomorrow again and Gabriel just went back to camp today. Sigh,weekends pass too fast. ): I need longer weekends! June is coming and its gonna be a really busy month. So excited about the upcoming stuffs in June though! Can't wait for the weekend to come. So goodnight everyone! Have a great week,X

Monday, May 28, 2012

To people who love dance,

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

If only we could live twice,

Please always know,no matter how far,no matter where you are,
I'll always be right next to you,inside your heart.