Friday, September 26, 2014

Kbox (Safra Toa Payoh),

"Don't be afraid to change."

Its Friday everyone! Hope everyone's week has been pretty darn good so far, uploading photos for yesterday because we went K-Boxing! With Zavier, Melissa, Joey&Gladys. Headed to the one at Safra TPY cause they had this promotion? $12Nett for 3 whole hours! Freakin' cheap compared to other places, like Cash studios etc.... But I have to say that Cash studios is really good, they have a freaking standing Mic? So good for overly dramatic singers like me. Lol Just kidding , though seriously the sound system there is amazing. 

Anyhow! Back to Kbox, everything is self service there, so your snacks and drinks ARE FREE FLOW!!!!!!! You can drink as much as you like eat as much as you want, cause you know how the other Kbox serves you two drinks and a bowl of snacks for 3hrs, its pretty little. Overall the place was alright, had a pretty good night though when we left it was pouring cats and dogs. 

Gladys, Joey and I headed to Macdonalds for dinner. &Then I headed back to Gab's. 

Duck face of the night, Zavier.
Le Beeps!
The stupid mask she got us to buy for her...... 
Legendary, Selfie Queen.
Bbg Simaling 
&Joey.... with fries.

Gonna roll out some knots now, my muscles are aching due to extreme training recently.
Happy TGIF everyone! Stay Beautiful pretty people. X

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


 Photos taken by : Desiree

Reminiscing the old days back at styledasher looking at these photos, I wouldn't deny that I miss being there singing out loud when its quiet and there were no customers to attend to. I miss that I get to be as crazy as my real self gets at where I work and my colleagues wouldn't judge me, but crazy times will have to end and its back to reality, I can't wait to graduate from school.

Still one of my favourite looks so far picked by Des, I still have to say, she has such a talent at fashion. She can practically rock any look she wants. I love jeans and I love them ripped, and this is the first floral top I own that I actually like. So putting this ensemble together really made me excited. Took these at the carpark next to the skatepark @ Somerset, still can't quite get the hang of posing for photos like that. But I'm glad these turned out well anyhow.

Its Wednesday morning now, and I can't believe its already mid-week again! Time seems to pass so fast lately and I can't keep track of everything and to keep up with everything. Well I guess its all part of growing up that we can't escape from, I'm pretty sure I'll get used to it, soon enough.

Alright, I have errands to run again in the morning, going to have an early night. Goodnight Beautiful people. X

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Arnolds Chicken.

Photo by : Joey

Monday blues be gone! Celebrated no Monday blues with dinner at Arnolds Chicken @ City Plaza with special treat by Joey. Since Gab and I had nothing to do today, we decided to bring him to try the chicken, although the meat and seasoning was alright, I just think that the thigh meat I had today was extremely dry and hard to eat. But overall everything was good, and their drinks could be a little larger!!!! Even the upsize isn't enough. :/ &THE CRAZY ASS LONG QUEUE WE HAVE TO QUEUE EVERYTIME WE GO THERE... 

Today's captures!

Please excuse the excessive amount of #wefies we took while waiting in line. 
The wait is extremely long... &Joey, is addicted to the soft skin effect. :'D

Gonna have to crash now, gotta wake up early later to run some errands... sigh really not a morning person. On the other hand I've something to look forward to this week! &I can't wait. (:

In the mean time, stay beautiful all you pretty people. X