Saturday, January 31, 2009


Okay short summary of the week,
i only spent 2 days in school
cool :D
and i'm going out later with my babies,
missed the outing trip with them yesterday,darn it.
GTH,i don't give a damn,
and Mrs SLOUCHY is getting on me nerves.-.-
She makes me wanna quit school right at an instant.

Mum just send me a very weird sms,
this is crazy.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Over at Adeline's place yesterday with Baby,Mum&Dad.
Had fun,collect the always wanted ANG BAOS. (:
&i get to play guitar heroes for the first time,while i watch Cousins,baby&Brother gamble.
SEAN WAS FREAKING NOISY.anway,had fun overall.
Steam boat was AWESOME! *smiles wide.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ng Sisters,love.



Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese "cow" year . (:

Happy Chinese New Year. (:
Today was awesome!
Managed to catch all family members today,
Alright so shall post some photos,

Sean,looks old.
Lovely Sisters. (L)

Caden,Kennen. (:

Retarded Cedric.

My two other sisters (:
Oh,i love improvising songs with ALDEN PONG.

Alrights,B's coming over!
gonna shower,bye.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby.

Happy 19th Baby.

Alright,school was totally awesome today.
But in the morning it was SO NOT MY DAY-.-
Compressed take my stud,and my ring almost.
FT,should just SHUT HER GAP UP.
Recess rocked my socks.*laughs.

About yesterday,
headed to behzi's house to changed and bathed first,
then B and i went to Ps first.
Met Jomama and Behzi at Cafe Cartel.
Celebrated Baby's birthday!
and headed to Cine to get our "Quan Jia Fu" done (:
Finally babies,finally.
alrights then headed home.

Supposingly movie at Jomama house,
then gotta stay home clean house,
then cannot go out of the house,
then i'm going clean house now.

Oh yes,GO OREAL! haha,Funny sia.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Just in 1 day (:

school was not perfect again today,
but better then usual.
lab for about 3 periods made my day better. (:
After school was HOME! Reprinted my photos,
stucked it on,yay,perfect.
I'm out with Adina Ang tomorrow again! :D
Thats after school,Oh ya,Nafa-ians.
If you ever see this post,tell me whether pull over,or windbreakers.
If Pull over,with hoodie or without? and colour (:
of the jacket.Mandy Wong is excited.HAHA.


Monday, January 19, 2009


Eye infectionnnn~goodness.
Headed to school in the late morning,
went to the docs first to get my eye checked.
School was rather exciting today i suppose.
Anyway,i need to concentrate on CHEMISTRYYYY!
my god,i need to pass my science!

After school headed to ikea with behzi,
we went ikea shopping together! Poush
For the first time,&i liked it.
we need to bring Yipzi and Tayzi along next time round :D
Behzi bought a DIY-box and i DIY paper holder.
I bought a photo frame and a big DIY-box holder! :D
now i can frame all my nicenice pictures up (:
Btw,baby is missed vmuch. ):

Alrights,i need to rush my work now,goodbye.

School is noisy enough,
We don't need to hire a few more birds
from the Jurong bird park too.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I'm moulding away. -.-

Friday afternoon,headed down to bugis
with Baby,behtan&jo mama to get my berms.
headed to fareast after to shop,but nothing.
Ate chippy again as usual (:
Airport for dinner later,BLOATED.
Took bus 24,home.
&Baby stayed over. (:

Today baby left in the afternoon,
i continued sleeping after that,
then headed for mass@ Amk.
home for dinner,and tomorrow is gonna be another day.
Meeting up with Mandy tomorrow,for lunch&HP.
alrights,i'm helping baby with her toy naming.

Rainbow Ranger,Rainbot.
all by Miss Vivian Ng xin Hui.
This is super funny,HAHA.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Damn it.

School,not good.

School is seriously boring me out,
though i'm trying effing hard to concentrate in class
especially for my sciences.Urghs!
Okays,lately i'm like some hairstylist in school,
helping people with their hair (:
Haha Cally,6points 6points!
oh yes i forgot to blog about something very important,
today before having physics,beh&i were having fun outside class.
Sec one's walked in 2 rows,so Beh& i decided to blend in.(: (On purpose)
While walking behind them,Beh suddenly say,"what lesson we having now ah?"
DAMN LOUD.then the girl in front replied,Hisss..tory?She saw beh in shock. lol
Seriously,funny :D haha. omg that totally made my day.
&& a very big thing,I CAN PLAY BELLA'S LULLABY! :D
Totall coolness yooo.

And big big congrats to my Dearest Mandywonggggg,
bloody 9points,for a bloody slacker. lols
haha,hp with you this sun,AND FREAKING LUNCH! :D

okays i haven't seen baby for 3 whole days! ):
bloodyhell,i want to QUIT school lah hor. -.-
&all of a sudden,i miss my tongue piercing,

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Flightless bird,

School is such a bore.
After school went cp with Beh,Joey&XJ (:
Had pizza hut for lunch,yes student meal!
haha alright behbeh told me this really funny thing.
Intrested?go her blog see,she's gonna blog about it. (:
Okays anyway,i have maths homework to do!
Yes i'm doing homework,Panda Pong is doing homework.


&i want Djmax,SQUARE! :D

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bella's Lullaby, OMGZXZXZX.

Panda Pong is so pro! I ROCK!

Bag hunt with Jo and beh today.
But nothing in returnnn,ROARS.
bags are so not nice now a days,
Okays i think i so rock.Jojo would know why&baby TOO! hahahahah
Jojo i show you tomorrow! :D:D
okays i'm so excited now,i don't wanna blog anymore! :P
bye peeps!!! :DD
oh yes pictures uploaded @ lj.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Shopping trip with B,Behtan&jomama.
Nothing much,only beh and jojo shopped.
SO,i went home with nothinggggg. ):
okays,today is a very boring dayyyyy.
Tomorrow is PAYDAY! :DDD

Bye peeps.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Shopping trip today with Jomama,beh&b.
shall wait for B to wake up.
She's the last today! D:

Anyway,yesterday's movie wasn't GOOD.
Thanks Jomama,we paid money to laugh inside,
&hear your sister sing song,throw popcorns at our viewers.
LOL,Jojo you're so Annoying. haha
Ranjiaozxzxzx Jerjer eh?
stop irritating my jomama,you idiot,she's together with me,
I'm her new girlfriend,we're gonna get married in canada (:
We have been together for 14 hours now. :D
alright,i don't wanna blog anymore.

Things just don't go right.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Another Day.

Well,talks in the morning
then headed to TP at 11.
Arrived there,okay VERY welcoming.
They brought us around school,
then B came to meet us. (:
Left at 1 went to take bus with b,
then homed.

Show later at EHUB.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Goodbye Highlights,Hello Black hair.

Hi,Field trips today. (:
  • Labrador Park,
  • Bukit Chandu Museum,
  • Kranji war memorial.

After headed to Compass to get my hair dye.
Now,FUCKING black.
Anyways now black is the new coloured hair! :D
i've gotten over it and BE BRAVE :D
6 more months and nice nice hair again (:

Beh let me wear a super short shirt today for my hair colouring. ):
irritating,SO SMALL!
had diner at her place then got my hair black.
photos will be up soon when i get all of them (:


Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Does not rock.
Does not motivate me.
Does not interest me.
Does not make me wanna go school.

Today was better,at least.
combined class (:
After school headed to compass with beh,joey&marilyn.
Then sheri came,LOL.
Happy 2yrs&1month!
Had dinner with them,
talked hell loads,omg. :D
then all went home.
Tomorrow is not going to be a better day.
though school ends early,omg Stomach ache ):
ARGHH!sick sick sick.
i want to GRADUATE NOW.

i still want back 4B ):

imissmyultrasupercooladorabletothemaxbaby. ):

Monday, January 5, 2009

Whats this?

6 more months,Please FLY. -.-
school was...didn't like it.
its gonna be like that till wed.

i can't wait for friday, TPPPP ! :D
Ha yes,Exciting yooo.
Took hell tons of photos today.
In Joey's cam.Its pink. Ya i know,Joey you purposely agitate me.
I'm gonna rob you tomorrow if you bring it. lol

I want meet Mandy Wong. ):

alrights SMALL NONYA now. Byebye. (:

Saturday, January 3, 2009

First Day of School.

First Day of School,
Hello Sec 5. The school is OURS! :D
Alright school practically,not good.
New rules,damn the new rules.
Splitted classes,MY GOD.
Missbeh is seperated from us. ):
why you so smart? lol
Mark Chan is our form teacher,Bye seng.
&the Mrs LAU? new DM new Co-form. -.-
Spot check,lucky me. Hair not caught.
But hell i think i'm still gonna spray it.

Long talks,like never ending..
after school B came to pick me! :DDDDDDDD
okay,surprised! :D
went over to Jo's place for WIIFIIII! :D
god damn,our babies are getting addicted to this game console.
WII sports okay!hahaha.
Lunch at macs was super funny,HA.

You see two out of the 4 addicts?

Beh likes to bully B when she's sleeping.haha Super hillarious. lol
Yes,we need bag packs. Ithink?
anyway,headache is here,i'm gonna nap.
i want my VAIO! ): pinkvaiopinkvaiopinkvaio ):

Baby,i promise.
i will hold on tight.