Friday, June 29, 2012

The most beautiful discovery true friends will find is,that they can grow separately without having to grow apart.

"Because a true friend is the only person who never gets tired of listening to your own pointless dramas over and over again. "

Time and time again its us against the world. (HAHAHA) I mean you get what I'm trying to say yes? Can never be thankful enough for having met a friend like you,though how we can stop talking to each other for months and months,fuck each other up,piss each other off without fail every other time,but meet up again then talk and laugh like nothing's changed. Talk for hours,spending single time alone together,always the second other half of each other. Spend wee hours in the night spilling our hearts out  to one another. Like how we always end up spending time together when we are single,EVERY YEAR WITHOUT FAIL. &How we always dig out time to spend with each other every now and then. Though,we seem to see each other every single damn day. LOL 

Point is,everyone needs a friend who they can annoy the fuck out of but still stand by you no matter what it takes. Sit down and listen to your redundant whines and frustrations and yet not complain. 

Its been long and nonsensical for us,thats for sure. We've got mad at each other countless of times,not speak for months cause we're annoyed with each other. And yet still come back to laughing till we cry,talking till our mouths go dry. 

"The one who often breaks your heart is the person who loves you the most." - Beeps. 

Quoted that line from her cause now she's learning how to be all mushy and annoying. HAHA. 

After looking through all these photos I just realized how we do the most stupid things together ever.
K Beeps I think I'm mushier than you now. I HAVE TO STOP. LOLOLOL HAHA <3





Cause you feel like you should be worth a litte more,

I'm tired of having to feel like I owe something to everyone.

Everyone expects something from me,want something from me. I don't know what's there left for me to do. I always try hard enough to make things work,but seem to always fail at it time and time again. Anyone can feel stressed,anyone can feel upset,but why vent it all on me? I feel stressed and upset,but do I vent it on anyone of you? To begin with,I've never vent anger on an innocent person. I don't know what you guys take me as. If you feel the need to vent your anger,find an anger venting machine,or vent it somewhere else where someone doesn't feel the hurt.

There's too much going on in my mind lately and I'm not sure how much longer I can hold or cope with it. I regret too many things in life and I wished time and time again I could turn back the clock. But how many second chances can one get?

"It was you and me against the world,and you promised me forever more. Cause I got to know what made me unbeautiful"

Monday, June 25, 2012

We will get there,

Do not proceed if you don't have a fancy for a post with TONS of photos.

"Photos remind you of how much you wished you could relive those moments over and over again."

So its been 2 weeks since I updated this space,cause' I've been super super busy at work and also many other stuffs that I attend to the past 2 weeks,so finally the photos by Zavier are up! Yay! Well,I don't think I look good in all of them,but probably just a few of those I think are quite unique (: Anyway I've been teaching holiday classes to my babies for the past 2 weeks which I've really enjoyed,and I really miss those darlings now,even though they can be really naughty but I love them so dearly. But everything's been good though!  So here's the photos taken by Zavier!

Photos of my little ones,
Sweet little Chloe 
&Darling Sarah who loves to give loads of hugs and kisses!
Smile Sarah!

And also! I've recently purchased this "Its all about Swag" iPhone 4 casing from TheDopest Stuffs !
So hyped over my cover now,haha do check them out! They have really pretty covers! 

"Because I don't know how I still get those butterflies in my tummy whenever I see you,or hear your name. What about you that's so captivating."