Thursday, March 31, 2011

New found hobby,

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm through having to go through all the hurt and crying seriously.
My heart's starting to turn dead for this family and believe me,one day when I say I'm gone.
I'll be gone.

Monday, March 28, 2011


I wanna do something really crazy,this weekend.

"Its a beautiful night,we're looking for something dumb to do,
hey baby,I think I wanna marry you." (:

Its raining,its pouring the old man is snoring.

Its currently 4:20 am now and pouring heavily outside at this hour. I'm still wide awake,so boyf got his Band hero set today,one happy boy he is. Dindin at his place again,I'm so distracted by the heavy rain. Thoughts keep going through my mind that its going to flood my room one day if it keeps pouring so heavily like this. Rainy days keeps my mind running through a lot of stuffs,I guess one's love for another can be really big. No doubt that we maybe selfish at times,but come to think of it. Most of the times we're selfish for the ones we love. The rain is getting too heavy and I am really really distracted by it. God please stop raining. Hope everyone will have a goodnight's sleep.

&Love,I think you know I'll only get so affected because you take a special place inside me.
Or else,why would I even bother if you don't mean two fucks to me? Yeah so I know,you know.

This world end thing is scaring the fucking shit out of me,first its tsunami in Japan like a warning to us (Get better soon Japan!),then earthquakes in sudden parts of the earth. I honestly hope we can look after our earthly home proper soon,we all wanna live till old age and have a long happy life,don't we?

I honestly need to get my ass back to Sunday masses diligently.
I feel so sinful skipping them every now and then. FUCK MYSELF REALLY.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

You have no idea.

Don't create more drama for yourself then you already have. I don't need drama queens in my life,just so you know. &by the way,you're not as big a deal as you think you are. So cut the fucking crap of being so arrogant. It brings you lower than people who can't afford to have more than half the meaningless materialistic stuffs you have,at least they have a better meaning in life than you to be splurging on unnecessary things you don't actually need just to prove how oh so filthy rich you are.

&With an attitude like that,you're going nowhere near what you intend to be in the fucking future so you know what? You can just dream on it. I'm not trying to be demoralizing,but right now,I've had enough.

Watch what you say to others,karma might just come knocking on your door tomorrow.
&Don't be too sensitive about this,if its you,ultimately,its you.

Friday, March 25, 2011

I feel the chemical kicking in,

Its finally the last day of the week again! Friday 25th of March 2011,2:57am.
SO,I've finally,signed up for school. Yay to all those who have been chasing me over and over and over and over (and yeah I think you get it) again,for registering with school. Which I've finally done it,kudos to me? I guess. So its kinda a movie marathon day/week. Caught "Diary of a Wimpy kid" and "Sucker Punch" ,both the movies were pretty okay I suppose,well to those who caught it with me might not think the same,but to each is own.

AND! I got myself this really awesome diary from PMKT today! Looks lego-ish and most importantly its pink. Well,its not like something pink ever fails to catch my eye so yupp. This one apparently made me wanna bring it home,also I've been wanting a diary for a long time,to keep track of alot of things that I have in mind and of course finally,I settle down myself with this one,pretty sweet. Now what I need is a pen and more pink or purple post it's I think?

Alright I guess that's all for now,hopefully the weekends would be good! I'm expecting the arrival of my housings! Which keeps me really excited and Scottie's visit to the vet tomorrow! Hope everything goes well and TGIF everyone! Have a good weekend ahead. X

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Is it too much to want?

So I backspaced,I'll leave everything to livejournal,you'll never be there anyway.
I don't think you even need to know. So why do I bother.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What life can be like,

My lovely 19th Birthday. A big thank you to,
Boyf,Joey,Zeewangzx,Jobaby,Beepsy,Jess,Sam,Pam,Sheri,Kelliwu,Vickyballzx and also Denz for making this day a beautiful one. For taking the effort to be there for my big day! Love you guys a whole lot. &Adeline,Vivian,Sean and Brenda for the celebration on Saturday night.

Big hugs and kisses to you all! X

So it was at my darling girls place for the first celebration! Steamboat,hth talks and a whole lot of messing around with them. Its been a long while since I saw them and this feels so heartwarming each time I sit with them in their room like how I used to when we were all younger and have all those girly sleepovers,talking about everything and anything joking around about"WE KNOW WHO" and about how our life is now,what are the things we've been missing out. I love them both and nothing could take away the bond we have for each other. Sometimes I even feel like I'm part of their family. Well,maybe its because I used to stay there so much. HAHAHA.

21st March 2011,
Night before,headed over to Boyf's place and I spent my first 2 hours of the special day having supper with Boyf,Nick and Jerrel. MACDONIES FTW! Then Boyf came to crash my place for the night. So my surprise was to go K-boxing with the first few I met of the day who made the beautiful cake I had to eat,then off to Sakae sushi at Scape,with all the rest that came later. I have never had sushi with almost 11-12 people in my life ever! Truly good time I had there,and they went catching for toys later on at the prize stage machines in Cine,Sam and her hellokitty cooking pots and pans! Joey's Bunny kitty. &An elmo for Jess! So I headed back to Beepsy's place to see my little boy,but he's getting to active for me. I'm so used to Scottie boy's shortness and not being able to attack me as fast as nehneh does. Had a good long talk with Beepsy and I headed home.

First Celebration at my darling girls place,
Also to celebrate Granddad's Birthday!

21st March 2011!
The sweethearts that made the effort to design the cake.
&The final product of what I'd to eat at the end!
Hahaha thank you so much honeybunnies. (L)

Presents from the Baby girls!

Thank you to Joey,Beepsy,Zeewangzx,Jobaby,Kelliwu+Adeline and Vivian for the presents!
Especially want to thank Joey,Sheri,Zeewangzx for taking such a great effort to plan the surprise for me! &Also beepsy for taking part to plan it (ALTHOUGH SHE WASN'T THERE AT THE SURPRISE! >:( )! Thank you so so much. This birthday has been more than I asked for,so I love you guys and thank you for everything.