Friday, October 30, 2009

Let me know,

Officially,2 papers down&3more to go.
Say bye to maths Forever now. It sounds super awesome,
to fuckin be without maths,so now i'm struggling my ass off for art.
FML,twisted tangled twisted tangled twisted tangled. __
I cannot wait for the 4th of Nov,cause it'll feel like its the end,
but then again,not,because i still have a one hour paper to do on the 11th. Sick.
&I can't wait for the 16th most importantly,because i will have a hell of a time,
with all my wonderful babies♥
so many things planned,and all these are getting me super excited to do anything right now.
But,i need to get my art done,to spare me all the worries and stress.
I'm so lazy to do anything! Someone,please motivate me with something. ):

*Curse and swears at sore throat.

I have no idea,if i should do it,or not.
Because a part of me wants to,&yet a part of me doesn't. =/
What does it feel like,when you're caught in between?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

For you,Love.

Happy Second Monthsary my favourite boy♥

These past two months,have been really wonderful,
and i must say,you have been really awesome.
I know,at times i irritate the shit out of you,
but you love me all the same. (L)
Also,i would like to let you know,i'm really glad you're in my life.
& how every so often some little thing you say or do,
completely overwhelms me&I remember why i absolutely adore you.
Once again,Happy Second Baby. I love you,very much. <3


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Say Bye maths paper1&hello Paper2,

I can honestly say,I am a very happy girl now. <3

Celebrated H.up Baby's birthday after maths paper,
So maths paper 1 was half screwed as usual,
&tomorrow's paper 2,now tell me i'll pass maths -.-
Alright,so its 1 and a half down,3 and a half more to go till freedom!
I just can't wait for o's to be fuckin over,i reallly can't wait.
Rights,i wanna get some shuteye soon,
So Goodnight dearies,sleep well&lets get through maths tomorrow!
&Yes,hope you enjoyed your birthday,hookup(:

Counting down,1 (:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hook Up Baby,

27th October 2009.
Happy most awesome 17th Hookup Baby,
May you have an awesome birthday ahead&get through maths! (:
For you have been really great,thanks for everything in everyway.
Millions of hearts,with lots of love on your special day.<3>
See you later in school,*hugs!

&Also a Happy 17th Birthday to,Delia Png.
You Drama queen,its finally your 17th!
Much luvs,thanks for being so awesome the past ten years (:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thats not me,

Sometimes,crying seems to relieve alot more.

I'm sorry for all that i'm not,I wasn't being myself,at all.
I hate it now that i'm not me,I wished,everything was ok.
I feel so bad right now&I feel unbearably disgusted with myself.
I feel so horrible,i feel like i'm the worst you could ever get.
I've failed,to be the one for you at the end of it all.
Cause i'm horrible,and i'm such a bad girl. You won't want me :'(

Iam so angry with myself right now,that i hate myself.
World,i'm just suddenly very tired. :'(

&how i'd love you with all my heart,

&you know i do. (:
Today counting down,3(:

Afternoon all!
Today is Sunday,and i gave church a miss. Tired!
Yesterday,out with love,met his dad for dinner. (:
Hard rock,awesome ttm. Apart from the many birthday's they celebrate there every min.LOL!
&Thanks uncle for the dinner! (:
Cine for awhile,Baby&his street fighter. Haha. (:
Met Bear outside Cathay coincidently,&she tempts me once again.
will consider though,not that i won't. Super tempting i swear.
Alright so headed home after that&love send me home. (L)

&Baby,you know i love you too right? haha.
But the fact that i love you more.
You know,you've been the best i could have,really.
For everything and anything,
I love you my silly boy,very very fucking much.♥
&You'll never have to doubt that. (:
Cause i'll never wanna lose you,or let you go.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

&just sometimes,
these things just don't seem to matter anymore.
Where are you? :(

there is nothing and no one i could want now,
more than you.

Friday, October 23, 2009

To hold my breath&Cross my fingers,

Angela Goh,

Happy sweetest 16th to you Dearest one,
Miss you tons,!
Much luvs,<3>

Science practicals today,i got the last two questions for chem correct.
Say hello to 2 marks for practical chem. loll
Finished around 130,compass for lunch with Ballzx&Some slight studying?
Went home and showered,out to meet my favourite boy,then tongtongs place.(:
Mussels weren't as good tonight,but still edible.
&Baby was being so nice today to peel all the prawn shells for us,
for easier consumption. Awesomely,Sweeeeeet. <3
Right so i'm home now stonning away infront of lappy. (Y)
27th is coming. HOHOHO.
K goodnight i'm leaving naowz,bai!

Because you invade my dreams,

camp out in the corners of my mind&occupy my heart. (:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'll make every second count,

21st of the month!
Happy Monthsary for Jobaby&I (:
Its been a long time baby,thank you for everything.
Cause you have been really awesome,I hope you know that.
&you know you're one i won't wanna let go of,
I love you very much. Hugs♥

Photos from airport studying! (:

My wonderful day spent with Jobaby&Zhouzhou. <3

&the promises I've made,
So i'm coming back to show you that,
I'll love you the rest of my life