Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Till the end,


Hi all,today is a funny day.
School was rather alright,
BB&Si lao gao came over to play again,
and that si lao gao is so annoying.-.-
HAHAHA,omg i have unglams of her.
I shall post it up someday when i have the free time,
there are TONS of them.LOL she and her spastic actions.
You will be deeply entertained. HAHA.

i shall hereby credit Munkie Phua for the above picture.

This crazy retarded spastic kid,tried to act one retarded,
Just observe her ugly retarded fingers.
and thanks to her,you have a source of entertainment (:

Tomorrow school ends at 1! Hooray to all,
and i drank my caramel Frappe,sleepy now.
i'll have a goodnight sleep tonight,haha.
Thanks Melanie for helping get my stuffs! :D
Rouying,you are super retarded you know.LOL
So now,let me share some of my sunshine's photos!

Darlings (:
Okay will be back,
I want to see my favourite go church uh! haha.
Goodnight world,and sleep well loves.

To hold my breathe and cross my fingers,

Sunday, April 26, 2009

One of a kind,

The only one there for me,forever.
My sweetest Bear Bear(:

Today was a super cool day yo!
Crab feast with Spaghetti,was AWESOME. :D
Alright churched in the morning as usual,
and ballet later on in the morning (:
Home with Big feast,and great to have all cousins home today too.
Caden was super cute today,he came along with mum and dad,
to pick me after lessons,my sunshine (:
Adina cute right cute right?haha.

So now you see,I'm attached to BB Tan. (:
HAHA,so kewl right.
I just remembered,Jiemuitong.HAHAHAHA.

Okay so yesterday was a total fun day too,
apart from oralllllllllllllll,screws up everything!
So yesterday headed to the new sengkang pool with Meis and Melanie Dear(:
Omg,the slide was ultimate fun,i must bring babies there someday too!
Funfunfun,alright and we saw___ there too. LOL
so,ruined the entire day.
After headed to macs for lunch,and headed off to china town to meet dad.
had long nice talk with Meis before that.Thanks Meis (:
Tuition was so omg,sian.
Damn pain and red,i'm so sad now. :(
Somebody,Handsome and also cute right? haha LOL
Hope to see you soon hor!you still owe meeeeee hahaha.
Alrighties,i shall be back to blog again,omg.
Tomorrow is monday again,like damn sad.
Heeeeees,*smiles wide.
Okays,I'm leaving for now.
Byebye. (:

Say it again for me?I would,for you.
I really do,miss you. =/

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hot and then Cold.

I feel very very exhausted,very.
As i woke up today,from the worst dream ever.
Today i felt LOST.i have no i dea where i'm going,
and i have no idea,what i'm trying to do.

Can it not be hot and cold?
Cause i feel that i won't be able to hold you no more :(

Friday, April 24, 2009


I wonder,sometimes do you have a guilt in you?
or do you only know how to just get what you want,

and only care for your own fun.
Because whatever you're doing now,is only gonna be fun for you.
I better not see what i don't want to see,or you'll get it.
Karma,is on your way.Immature kid.

i'm currently going out soon,
&i think my bb is sleeping...
and school is getting really annoying lately,
Especially those few Plutorians,Or should i say
Alien Ahlians,the new "clan"
Bitch,down right fucking irritating alright,
i talk to you,you turn a deaf ear on me?!like wtf?
Plutorians,don't come and act one don't care and ahlian reaction with me.
Cause seriously,its gonna make your life damn freaking miserable.
Call yourself Jojo?please,for my info,i only know ONE Jojo,
so i won't acknowledge the new one.-.-
Too bad for you,you're like the weirdos of the class.
So don't bother acting one don't wanna care all,
its not working.Bunch of lousy losers.
Alright i'm done with them.

Gonna be around town today again,
so yupp i think thats gonna be about it.
Oh,Mk's cousin is damn cute.LOL

and people seriously need to get their facts right,
before accusing,and saying things which are untrue.
Omg,and don't give yourself such a name.-.-
Sorry for the unecessary trouble,you guys. =/

Swimming with two lovelies tomorrow,LOL
And chinese oral tomorrow,how great.-.-
PLUS!chinese tuition..greattttt.

&then again,i miss you like alot.
i hope to see you soon.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

You win,

Winning or losing isn't really the most important most of the time,
I just wanna let you win right now (:
& i wanna see you end up losing.HAHA.

Today's last lesson of hiphop!:(
anyways,todays session was abit,LOL.
alrights,i'm going out to meet my bb sooon with mama,
Goodbye all,i'll be back to update again.
BB here i come! (:
Oh here's yesterdays retarded pictures.
&Yesterday,was just fine.(:
Yeah byebye!

Love my bb, :D
You are not a good person,you are not a good person at all.
You ruined your entire reputation of yourself in my mind. :(
I'll be there,just for you(:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Through it all,

For always,my babies.

Headed to Ehub last evening with my babies,
had our dinner there and played Jubeat! :D
the new game addiction yo,Jubeat Jubeat Jubeat!
Got my flipflop too,and the babies went to eat this yoghurt icecream,
which tasted like yuck!-.-
haha then headed back up to have another round of jubeat again.heeees,
Mama's fav line,"like Fun only!"hahaha.
We headed home around 9 plus,and long bus rides with BB.
LOL and lazy me cabbed home again.(:

JuuuuuuuuuuuBEAT! :D The Ugly icecreammmm.yuck!

BB's ugly unwashed mouth.tsk!

Today was a rainy day,
and that practically matched my feelings for the day.
well,did 5batts today,and my tighs are starting to ache,
my knee is hurting again,I need my knee guard back. :(
&that Ahlian BB never come school uh.roars you.LOL
Someone just let me know today,that i'm not alone,
&will be with me till the end(: ILMD.
Alrights,will be back again.

&you!watch out.

How would you know,if i was smiling all day,
that i wasn't okay,at all. =/
But i didn't want to let you know,just to keep your beautiful smile.
Do you even know how much i miss you right now?
爱不需要 任何理由
只要感动 就足够
爱是一种 莫名心动

Monday, April 20, 2009

I forgot something.

Happy Belated 17th Birthday Esther Yeo Wei Xin! :D
Couldn't put yellow for you,cannot see!
Opps,haha. (:

Out to meet BB and mama sooon.
So goodbye!

and its those little imperfections,that makes someone perfect.
just like you.


The heart i'll still hold for you,
&hope for the day,
when you'll come&hold it for me again.

我总会遇见一个 什么人
我只好祝福她 真的对了
我爱的人 不是我的爱人
她心里每一寸 都属于另一个人
她真幸福 幸福得真残忍
让我又爱又恨 她的爱怎么那么深
我爱的人 她已有了爱人
从他们的眼神 说明了我不可能
每当听见 她或他说「我们」
就像听见爱情 永恒的嘲笑声

For i trust in that day,
where we'll live in our fairytale once again.
Will we?just maybe one day.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

That smile of yours,

Okay hello all! :D
Happy Sunday,and monday blues coming my way :(
alright anyway,today was much of a commotion.
But well,like i said,
i don't wanna start a whole chunk again,
really i don't think its worth to promote you on my personal life page,
but hell i can't hold it in anymore,so..
Seriously,not that its only for me.
But if it doesn't suit you,don't do it.
we're not so free to go and stalk you and say about you,
but really,try something new.
Okay i'm not trying to be mean all,
but aiyah don't know what to say alr.
we really didn't need to start one page on you again,
I know,sorry not meant to be mean. (seriously.)

Okay BB came over today to accompany me do art,
but hand in on tues,so forget about it.
Laughing at aalteam2,damn hillarious.
"limbei ka li g0ng n0rhhx. mAI snG sNg wiB jIeMui tOng!"
Do you understand this line fully?lol. Hahahaha.
Alright,anyway bb has went home so yupp (:
Nights world.
How will i be able to let you know,
that you're going the wrong way,
but there's nothing left for me tosay,
Don't wish to see you hurt,in anyway.
But I'll be there,
on the day when you tell me you love me again.
Smile for me to see,the worlds most beautiful smile.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Because i'll still be waiting,

As its you that keeps me going.

Today is Friday ya'll. (:
School was kinda alright,Melanie you never come again today!
After school headed home,
and met Mr Shiv Skyler Tay at mrt(:
and went to walk around to find lappy case,but no avail,
so sat at coffee beans to slack,
went off to meet Jomama,and Bb.
Headed to fareast after that,had pasta for dinner.
Pasta makes me wanna sleep.
Babies went shoe shopping again.LOL
and cine to slack,bugis and home.

Peektures,for today.

My babies&BB. (:
&my Jomama. (:
Thanks babies,you guys are (L)
For everything and anything.

&how i wish,i could still protect you from all harm.
Because I just don't want you to get hurt.

Well spent day,with my lovelies.
Goodnight,my world.

I wish you,all the happiness,and never heart brokened,
for the one i love,may you always be cheerful the way i've known you.
For that smile of yours,is something i'd die for to see. (:
Never want to see you or hear you cry again,as its very very heart breaking.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thank goodness,

Hearts to all (:
Alright i'm here to update,i changed the post
cause i'm no longer in that :( mode. (:
I'm in a new (:(:(:(:(:(: mode right now,heeees.
Good to have BB back,and (:
Missed you both alot alot.
I'm seeing BB tomorrow, (:
Oh bb,KM!hot ah.LOL

okayyyss,i'm gonna go cook now.
Grand isn't well today,so i have to settle my own dinner.
Byebye :D
Glad to have you back (:
Got me so damn worried!
&see you friday :D

Monday, April 13, 2009


I can't help but feel hurt. :(

School was practically alright today,
i don't really have the mood right now,
or should i say even later on.
Now i know how it feels to be in pain,
how it feels to be lost,
how it feels to lose someone you loved,so deeply.
and how it feels to adapt to something new,
or something you haven't tried for a year or so.
I want to say,i need you right now,
miss you right now& i still love you so much.
But you're no longer mine to keep,
and no longer mine to love,
i know you'll be loved by others,
i'll try to remember my distance.
I look forward to seeing you soon,
i really miss you much =/

overdued picture,this were the only pictures.

Its like why people say,
we only learn all these through all the pain and hurt,
thats when we'll grow stronger.


Take me away,because i wished i had never been here before.
Walk me out of here,and take away the pain.

If i said i'd go,you'll be better&happier
i would.

Sometimes i wonder,
if you'd still remember those memories,
of the little moments we'd spent together.
Because i still do.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A little too not over you,

Should be strong & moving on,
but i can't seem to shake it off,and let it go.

Rainy day,not feeling so good.
Church for easter sunday,
Cedric loves the song"better man"
ha,yes my dear,its ever green.
Uncles Birthday lunch at Party crabs,
The food was Awesome (:
went home and slept all the way.
Tomorrow is school again,dread it.
Till then,Byebye.

I want to go out with you this Friday,
&i'm dating you,can i? (:

Bb,hang in there.
you'll have me and everything would be just fine alright,
trust me.(L)
Anything call me straight.
Gosh i'm so worried for you right now. =/

Tell her i love her for me,
cause i'll never be able to do it again for myself.

Tell me why,you're so hard to forget?
Don't remind me cause i'm not over it,
Tell me why,i can't seem to face the truth?
I don't know what to do,
i guess i'm just a little too not over you.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares,

&I will find the one,i'll spend forever with.

my weeknees! :(

Morning headed to raffles,
lee&lee for dental check with babies.
After headed to town with Bb,and saw Vivian.
went to have bb's mega shopping,
had late lunch and headed off to novena to meet dad and mummy.
Saw Irene Tan,eh what so suay all.tsk!
then to grands to pick grand up,
Adeline's for dinner,
and tuition.
Did i mention i forgot how to write nine in chinese?
hahaha,freaking retarded.

so now i'm home and Msn cannot fucking sign in.
Oh today Vivian is kewl keed ah,
Lol Handicap lah handsome. -.-
so gross please,don't act like as if she's yours' or something,
Cutie?Ewww lah.

okay msn is connected now (:


Can i still let you know that,i miss you?:(

Friday, April 10, 2009

Zhouzhou is (L).

Click to view :D
Love zhouzhou luh hor. (:

I will grow through this pain,

I know the Angels will catch my tears,
and walk me out of this pain.

Headed to Rupee room last night with the babies,
and homed around 10.30pm.
Today was a total screwed up day,
outing was cancelled last min.
Anyway,its raining,
and i'm lazy to go out.
i'm feeling sleepy right now,should be sleeping soon again.

Take me away,

Ease my pain,

*Tears* Pictures, Images and Photos

Crushed and broken into pieces.
Love that started with a hug,grew with a kiss,and ended with a tear.
i wish i could say i'll go,but its like i'll fall right apart right at that instant.
Letting go comes with courage,and i've yet to find that courage to do so.

i want to find that lost one,
because,that lost one has gone to a far away place.

If i feel blue,would you be there for me
and whisper in my ears that its okay?
Would you stand by me,let me hold you tight
and say you love me one more time..