Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Anything but ordinary,

Hihi everyoneeeeeeee. So its Tuesday morning right now! Updating with whatever I have at the moment for the past week and weekend! So Friday I headed back to Nafa to catch up with the girls and boys there,but sadly my dearest Simaling wasn't there! But anyway it was good to see everyone again,just really makes me miss everything that used to happen there. Then Saturday,we all gathered to party again,it was such a fun night with everyone. I can say I really enjoyed myself,one of the best nights at Zirca. Hopefully the photos are up soon! Can't wait to see them,so for now,I'll leave you guys with the photos I have for now. Have a great week everyone! X

Ralph's Birthday Video is finally up! Credits to Joey ! X


So here's a post I decided to do today because I've been really annoyed by this situation,which is really frustrating. And the topic is? DISCOUNTS.

Yes you've seen the title of my post. Now we all know that discounts are the most tempting word that attracts us all when it comes to shopping and purchasing your items , when you hear there's a discount for it you immediately light up! And get all happy and stuff. But discounts are just privileges,if you can't get it , I don't see how it will kill you.

So recently I had a request for a favor to get an item for a friend with the discounts I am privileged to have. Please bear in mind the word, "Favor" . A pair of shoes. She had an urgent need for it,but you see,you're asking me for a favor,I'll be there when I can to get it for you,but the word is "Wait" . Honestly I don't see how you can afford to pay for your car in cold hard cash and yet you can't afford just a few more dollars for your shoes?

And then you chase and chase and chase and chase and chase and chase and chase and chase and chase me for it. IF you urgently need it,I don't see why you can't just go get it yourself. Are you really that needy for that few dollars of discount I can get for you? Its a favor,I don't owe you anything. If you were being nice and I know you urgently need it but at least show some manners? 

BUT NO.....

So you know what? That's K AH BAI to you. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Be your everything,

Happy 3rd week of September everyone! The one week long holiday for Gabriel and I has officially passed. So the past week has been hectic! Impromtu photoshoots,dinner dates,hanging out,lollipop wednesday,classes which were rather productive! I was actually really happy with my pirouettes that night,for the very first time they were all so neat! And I mean the whole routine I managed to keep it neat! Glad to say I'm proud of myself for the very first time. Lollipop Wednesday with Beeps and Jillian last Wednesday was really good,I was actually really entertained by Jillian. Then Friday,had a photo shoot done with Beeps , will post up the photos once we've received them all and provided I didn't look stupid in them. Ha. I really don't have the talent for this,honestly I'm like an awkward little duckling there... But nonetheless I had a good fun time there. It was such an experience. Hehe thanks to Beeps. Also! It was one heck of a Mahjong marathon week. Countless nights I actually played , I don't even remember how many now. So well,I hope you guys have a good week,its Wednesday now! Stay strong the weekends are almost here! X

I'll be your shelter,I'll be your storm
I'll make you shiver,I'll keep you warm
Whatever weather,Baby I'm yours
Be your forever,be your fling
Baby I will be your everything.