Thursday, November 12, 2015

HKG October 2015 Day 2,

Day 2 of HKG, got up a little after 10 hearing Joey and jiejie scrambling across the room preparing to go out for breakfast. Yet again another cha chaan teng meal! This time I have photos, ha! Well although not taken by me. 

*All picture credits goes to everyone on this trip. 

So they started off without Beeps and I. Cause apparently, we're the dead sleepers. Office hour ladies, body clock set to have breakfast by the time I open my eyes. For breakfast we had, porridge (yet again, yes no matter how many times you've had it you'll still want more.) , carrot cake and some fried noodles. They didn't manage to finish everything, so by the time I came down I was just in time to sweep the left over noodles, which tasted pretty good. 

Right about 12pm, we left the hotel starting our second day ..... SHOPPING. Yes, well there really isn't much we've planned for our trip except shopping. We were suppose to go to the Ocean Park, but our budget exceeded what we intended. So, more shopping. 
Morning faces of Beeps and I!

Just as we stepped into Times Square, there was a Starwars exhibition!!!! The open space was lined up with storm troopers, I can't even begin to start explaining my excitement and the rest just... tagged along. Sorry guys, but storm troopers!?

We have reached our destination for the day! Mong Kok, it is seemingly popular to take pictures with the station names, so yes we did the same.

This picture, I apologise if it looks really gangsterish, but its meant to be. Cause we're in hongkong and the shades, and the mood and.. haha we just had to. 
Then Joey decided to join our gang. 

Food of the day! So you see, Beeps was the last to wake up, therefore not having breakfast and thus, hungry. We stopped at a nearby street snack stall, and ordered a huge bowl of topshell in curry sauce! &fried intestines. Gahhhh, mouth watering goodness! *please skip this portion of the post if you're hungry right now. 

And we got approached by an event girl promoting for the laughing cow cheese, to take a picture in the picnic set up to get free cheese and balloons. If you do not already know Beeps does events jobs as well, so we kinda thought, same fate different country? LOL We instantly became friends, asking how much they're getting paid and stuff. Its so interesting to meet people in other countries doing the same job you do, and you wonder if its tiring here and if they're paid well.

My my, how lucky we were to come across the mobile softee! Pretty famous here in Hongkong. But we were pretty full from street snacks, so we bought just ONE to share and take photos with, here's my grumpy face because they were chasing me to pose nicely, again. &yes cause the ice cream was melting.....

So we were shopping in Argyle Shopping Center, if you ever visit Hongkong and have an unending urge to shop, do pay a visit to that shopping center! They sell from shoes to watches, accessories, bags, clothes ... basically anything you'd shop for. &The clothes there are so cheap you'd go crazy. We didn't shop much the first time we got there, but will tell you more on day 3. (:

Last stop of the day! Ichiran - famous ramen restaurant. Too bad I don't have photos for it, yet again you could refer to our vlog! I had it recorded down there. They put one person to a cubicle, so you'll enjoy your meal and not talk to your friends? Pretty interesting concept and good food! Try it out if you go to causeway bay!
Yet again snapchat worthy moments!

 We got back to the hotel, had some snacks we bought on the way back. Pretty tasty!

Our actual last stop of the night was Lan Kwai Fong, Joey wanted to bring us to the club she came the previous time she was here called Magnum. 10 minutes upon our arrival, it got raided. WELL WELL WELL, such luck. But it wasn't too bad, I guess I was just probably to sleepy to enjoy it!

That's pretty much it for day 2. Goodnight sweethearts, X.

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