Wednesday, November 11, 2015

HKG 2015 Day 1,

Time check : 2:17am

Good morning, as promised to myself and whoever still reads this miserably dusty space I will update on my recent trip to Hong Kong in October! Well and since I'm still up at this hour because of my wise decision to take an evening nap, lets get started...

So I stayed over Beeps (aka Momo) place the night before, so it would be convenient for us to travel to the airport together and since they stayed so near the airport. Near death experience, don't mind me for exaggerating cause we almost missed our flight. No idea how that happened when neither of us slept the night before, got prepared earlier than the rest and still managed to be late. LOL At least we managed to get there on time, and also we had a really blur grab-car driver. 

*Need to know basis. 
Beeps and Hazel took an earlier flight from Joey and I. Well cause they booked their tickets the night before we flew. 

I dropped Beeps and Hazel at terminal 2, then walked myself to take the skytrain to terminal 1. Where poor miss lau (aka Joey) was being grumpy, cause she left her jacket in her mom's car, thus being cold and sleepy, thus grumpy. 

This was us at our boarding gate, waiting for our flight! And her very grumpy face. 

&Here's the #group-fie we took upon arriving at the HK airport! 
Fun Fact : Despite being one flight ahead of us, Beeps and Hazel (aka Jiejie) arrived later than we did!
We probably had an F1 pilot. HA!
Beeps GD inspired look. LOL ok I'm kidding. 

FINALLY HONG KONG! Well of course snapchat worthy!

We took a long ass train ride, to where our hotel was. Which we stayed at The Vela Hotel, located at Causeway bay station, nearest landmark : Times Square. Took us awhile to figure out how to get there, we apparently have a google maps idiot - aka Joey!*** After much of walking around in a thick jacket and in the hot sun (WHOEVER TOLD US IT WAS COLD THANKS VERY MUCH), sweating like a farm pig, we finally got to the hotel! Actually, it wasn't as far of a walk but not very near either? I do not have photos of our hotel sadly, we were too engrossed in other stuff. But! side note, if you want to know how our hotel looks like, you can watch our HKG Vlog! Up on Lebeeps youtube channel.

After settling down our stuff, unpacking and changing into something cooler we headed off for our first meal in HKG! Of course, the very famous Cha Chaan Teng (Tea Restaurants) the iconic places to have your meals. We had the pretty default items on the menu, like the century egg porridge and the wanton noodles and they never fail. Nothing of the standards we would get in the same restaurants we have here in sg. Can't really remember the name of the shop, but it was along the streets of where our hotel was located.

So after having our fill, headed down to this street where there was this huge Forever21 outlet and they, obviously having a sale so we walked right in. Whats new? nothing but they have pretty much everything we don't have here in sg, but mostly spring clothing.

AND THEN.... we found the shoe section. Girls gone cray, well mostly Beeps and Joey. Its heaven on earth for them both.

We stopped by a near by dessert shop! For a half time, my legs needed to rest from all that walking. 

We got back to the hotel later on to wash up and put our stuff down, made a trip to visit Victoria Peak! If you have not been there, you definitely should! The view at night is amazing, we took the tram up, but its super crowded. You'll have to squeeze your way in.

 &The amazing lights and view, breath taking. 

Here's our vlog! If you're too lazy to read, but I apologise that its not mobile compatible, apparently I'm not allowed to put my own music to my video due to copy right. 
So I've come to the end of Day 1, hope you guys had a great Diwali. Goodnight sweethearts, stay beautiful. X

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